Plastic packaging is developing towards environmental protection

Posted October 21, 2021 by paquetesman

Usually 1 ton of PLA resin requires 2.3 tons of corn as raw material.
Environmentally friendly plastic packaging is environmentally friendly, but the raw materials of PLA materials are mainly corn and other crops that contain a lot of starch and sugar. Usually 1 ton of PLA resin requires 2.3 tons of corn as raw material. The United States produces 10 million tons of PLA annually, which means that more than 23 million tons of food are consumed every year! The United States is a major agricultural exporter, so can China afford it? Compared with environmental protection, is this price worth it? On this issue,

I consulted a Greenlitz expert and PhD in materials who has experience in selling PLA plastic products. He believes that there is no need to worry about this problem for the time being, because when there is a shortage of food, food prices will naturally rise, and the cost of polylactic acid resin materials used to produce PLA plastics will also increase, which will inhibit the demand for bioplastic packaging products to a certain extent. So the market itself will have a certain adjustment function. In the long run, the raw materials of traditional plastics come from a non-renewable resource such as petroleum, and it is a rule to be eliminated. The main component of polylactic acid is still carbohydrates. Carbohydrates such as starch and sugar in nature are easier (and cheaper) to obtain from crops, especially corn. It is hoped that future technologies can gradually change this dependence on food.

In the past few years, China banned the free distribution of plastic bags in supermarkets. This can only solve a small part of the problem. According to my observation, many Chinese people often forget to bring their own handbags when they go through the supermarket to buy things, and young people don’t care. Spend a few cents more on plastic bags. In foreign countries, for example, a plastic bag is sold at the checkout counter in a supermarket in Germany for 30 Euro cents, which is about 2.7 yuan, and most ordinary German people are used to bringing cloth bags to the supermarket to buy things. Germans love their homeland, so why don't we? I think, even if everyone is a caring person in daily life from now on, the progress will be great enough.

   The future of environmentally friendly plastics is not actually a concrete material such as PLA. I think the future of environmentally friendly plastic packaging is the invisible environmental awareness in our hearts.
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