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What we need to do is to pay attention to removing these impurities directly. We will briefly introduce the specific operation steps. Just a moment
Inclusion removal method of aluminum alloy raw material for aluminum casting

Speaking of aluminum alloy, it is actually a main raw material used to manufacture aluminum castings, and its quality will directly affect the quality or performance of the aluminum casting itself. Therefore, attention should be paid to ensuring the purity of the aluminum alloy itself. However, under normal circumstances, there are basically some inclusions in aluminum alloys. What we need to do is to pay attention to removing these impurities directly. We will briefly introduce the specific operation steps. Just a moment.

First of all, because the source of inclusions in aluminum alloys is relatively complex, it will have a relatively large impact on the process and products of aluminum castings. For example, to a large extent, it directly reduces the performance of aluminum castings, causes corrosion or Is the formation of pores and so on, so we must pay attention. When we generally use metal filter plates to remove inclusions, due to various reasons, the effect is very small. Therefore, through continuous research and testing, the use of foam ceramic filter plates to remove inclusions in aluminum alloys will be ideal. This method not only removes large inclusions in aluminum castings, but is also very effective for inclusions below the micron level. Of course, if all the inclusions are completely and completely removed, it cannot be guaranteed, but at least there will be obvious improvements, and the performance and quality of aluminum castings will be greatly improved.

Mainly because of the low melting point of its products, casting methods such as metal molds and pressure casting can be widely used, which will improve the internal quality, dimensional accuracy, surface finish and production efficiency of castings. The latent heat of condensation of aluminum castings is relatively large. Under the conditions of the same weight, the condensation time of aluminum liquid is much longer than that of cast iron and cast steel, and the fluidity is good, which is very beneficial in casting thin-walled and complex castings. After the aluminum casting is burned into the mold at high temperature, there will be a large amount of gas in it, which must be smoothly discharged from the mold. There are deficiencies such as pores, which affect the quality, and its air permeability and moisture clay content have a certain relationship.

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