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This is the explanation of the various BMX tricks which can help everyone get used to BMX
“BMX” stands for bicycle motorcross. This is a cycle sport carried out on BMX bikes. It can be in competitive or freestyle BMX. Everyone might have watched other people perform bicycle motor cross (BMX) tricks on televised media and wanted to try it themselves. Here are some of the BMX tricks, it may seem difficult, but when one practices it, one will see that it can be a great fun. Do not hesitate, just visit to watch numerous videos on how to BMX. The following are some of the guides on how to BMX.
METHOD ONE; BUNNY HOP. This has the following procedures:
a. Begin riding at a low speed
b. Lift up the front tire by pulling up on the handlebars
c. Push the handlebars forward’ while in the air. This will enable the back tire to be raised and the entire bicycle should be in the air at this point.
d. Then land the bicycle
METHOD TWO; BAR HOP. This has the trick below:
a. Ride the BMX at a fast pace.
b. Lift your feet on the pedals.
c. Balance the bicycle with your body.
d. Jump over the handlebars.
METHOD THREE; X-JUMP. This include:
a. Jump a ramp using your bike.
b. Lean back.
c. Keep your knees on the centre seat.
d. Turn the handlebars until your arms make an “X”.
e. Straighten the handlebars before landing.
METHOD FOUR; 180. This can be achieved through:
a. Riding at a moderate speed.
b. Lift up the bicycle’s front tire by pulling on the handlebars.
c. Push the handlebars forward, while in the air.
d. Twist both shoulders and your head towards the back tire.
e. Land the bicycle. At this point you will be facing the opposite direction, hence 180 degree
METHOD FIVE; 360. This method involves:
a. Ride at a moderate speed.
b. Lift the front tire by pulling on the handlebars.
c. Push the handlebars forward, while in the air.
d. Turn your head and shoulders towards the back tire, keeping your knees bent, while doing this.
e. You should have completed a full rotation (360 degree) in the air.
METHOD SIX; BAR SPIN. This can be performed by doing the following:
a. Allow your bicycle to start rolling.
b. Slightly pinch the seat using your inner thigh, while doing this, keep the pedals flat also.
c. Pull on the handlebars to lift your front tire.
d. Spin the handlebars, while the front tire is off the ground.
e. Hold the handlebars once they make a full rotation.
A. Ride towards a wall at a moderate speed.
b. Do a small bunny hop onto the wall.
c. Pedal the bicycle as you head towards the wall.
d. Lean away from the wall and land the bicycle on the ground.
All these methods and many others of how to BMX are available at our website
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