Can Power Plate Help Fight Against Monkeypox and Other Autoimmune Diseases?

Posted June 1, 2022 by PowerPlateCenters

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed up to 257 confirmed cases of Monkeypox globally. The UAE has also reported four cases of Monkeypox till now.
Dubai, UAE, 01 June 2022
Monkeypox Background

Monkeypox, which is related to smallpox, is not a novel disease. Although most instances are documented in Central and West Africa, isolated cases have been reported in Europe and other parts of the world, often involving tourists. The recent outbreak is the largest ever observed outside of Africa.

Flu-like symptoms (fever, lethargy, and muscular aches), swollen lymph nodes, and rashes are all common symptoms of Monkeypox. The rash can develop anywhere on the body, including the face, genitals, palms, and soles of the feet. The sores might be flat, elevated, or pus-filled, and they can resemble herpes, syphilis, or chickenpox in appearance. The virus can take up to three weeks to infect you, and the disease usually lasts two to four weeks.

A good immune system will not keep you from contracting a virus. However, building a strong immune system while you're healthy can help your body adapt to the new virus if you get sick. Strengthening your immune system will also help you fight off other common viruses like the cold or flu. Besides, a healthy immune system is also essential for the elderly and weak and fragile people who suffer from disorders, diseases, and illnesses.

Your immune system can be strengthened from quality exercise and physical activity, nutrition, emotional and psychological well-being, and better lifestyle choices.

How Can Power Plate Aid in Boosting Immune System?

Moderate physical activity can improve immunological function, lower levels of anxiety, and lower levels of perceived stress.

Power Plate uses vibrations to stimulate the body's muscles to contract and relax at a high rate. When doing traditional exercises, your muscles contract only once or twice per second, but the use of Power-Plate during an exercise causes up to 50 autoreflex muscular contractions per second. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Power Plate exercises are more than just physical fitness.

Power Plate exercise training is a holistic fitness and wellness approach that not only strengthens your body but offers mental health benefits as well. It elevates your mood by increasing happy hormones, improving sleep, reducing anxiety, decreasing stress, combating depression, and raising the overall feel-good factor. This positive experience helps you keep going and enjoy every step of your wellness journey amidst the panic in the outside world.

1. Boost Immunity and Stimulate the Lymphatic System:

The blood circulation in your body improves as muscles contract and relax regularly. Increased blood flow ensures that your muscles are oxygenated, accelerating your recovery and revitalizing your body. Improved blood circulation results in faster metabolic waste elimination.

Power Plate boosts the lymphatic system, triggering an immunological response in the lymph nodes and improving the body's defenses against infections.

The lymph system drains more effectively due to Power Plate exercise training, allowing stored fats and toxins to leave the body through the circulatory system's natural filters. This is particularly significant for the aging body, in which lymph health is becoming increasingly important to overall health.

2. Better Coordination, Balance, and Flexibility:

Muscles contract 1 to 2 times per second during regular exercise, which is quite less when compared to 50 contractions per second while exercising using the Power Plate. Doing exercises on Power Plate engages your core and hip flexors to help stabilize your body.

This makes your body work harder, and the muscles around your joints become stronger as a result. The best part is that Power Plate training causes only low stress on joints and ligaments, unlike conventional strength training which puts immense pressure on your musculoskeletal parts, exposing them to injuries and increased rate of wear and tear. You'll also notice an improvement in your balance, coordination, posture, and flexibility in just half the time.

3. Increase Bone Mineral Density

When you combine Power Plate training with bioDensity sessions, this combination helps build up bone mineral density from inside the bone and triggers the bone matrix to make more mass, compared to medication which makes only a thin layer on the outside! When you stop taking osteoporosis medication, the layer disappears, and we are not even talking about the horrifying side effects. The amazing combination of Power Plate and bioDensity session helps your body fight against osteoporosis and osteopenia by increasing bone density without adding a burden to the body. Thus, it is suitable for people of all ages and abilities because it is gentle on joints and ligaments.

4. Increase Muscle Mass

When you use Power Plate to perform exercises like press-ups or planks, your arms, chest, and core have to work harder to stay in place. This helps to increase core strength and stability over time.

For several decades, autoimmune illnesses and fatal viral infections have been on the rise. Genetic predisposition, obesity, improper diet, and overexposure to medicines and other substances are all factors that can impact a person’s health and overall wellbeing.

The use of the medical graded and Mayo Clinic awarded Power Plate is gaining huge popularity since it offers you an all-in-one solution to stay healthy both physically and mentally in a world where everyone is afraid of declining health and contracting viruses like Covid-19 and Monkeypox. You can also buy Power Plate online to do Power Plate exercises at home or find a nearby fitness center to join Power Plate vibration training.

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