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Sterling is a premier management consulting firm in the Glendale, California, area that offers quality consulting and training for accountant firms and other companies across the country.
Sterling is a premier management consulting firm in the Glendale, California, area that offers quality consulting and training for accountant firms and other companies across the country. The company will host a unique Practice Management Workshop in San Diego, California, on July 18 and 19, 2015.

Sterling, a company that offers businesses tips and advice on avoiding the confusion and stress caused by poor practices, helps business owners streamline their practices with the right protocols and procedures to enhance productivity and increase revenue. Offering a complete spectrum of consultation and training services, the company is known for helping businesses attain and maintain profitability. Now, the company will be hosting a Practice Management Workshop in San Diego on July 18 and 19, 2015, for practices that want to increase their productivity. The event will be held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, located at One Market Place, in downtown San Diego.

The company's Practice Management Workshop will feature both basic and advanced workshop topics covering a broad range of issues. All workshop seminars are created with the goal of offering business owners better ways to increase their profitability and productivity with tested interventions and measurable metrics. By learning the best ways to measure true productivity, business owners and managers can stop the loss of profit that occurs when they "think" they know what is causing lost revenue. The Practice Management Workshop will be able to give them the facts and the tools to truly research and learn the truth about what is actually causing lost income as well as other problems related to the management of any professional business.

Sterling, as seen at , offers help for companies that are being consumed by chaos. In many instances, these companies have the right employees and the right managers in their employment but are not using the talents of these individuals efficiently. Owners may not be holding employees accountable for the right production metrics, or employees may be placed in positions for which they are unsuited and would do better to be moved to another division or job within the company. Sterling uses proven metrics to help owners isolate key issues that help them immediate see an increase in productivity among their employees.

Furthermore, Sterling, not to be confused with,19_IL.20,28_IC1146787.htm , can help companies identify and understand the specific problems that contribute to negative morale and bad attitudes among employees. Not only will business owners learn to understand why their employees may be upset and unproductive but they will learn the right ways to address these issues and to solve the problems that can contribute to negative workplace atmospheres and lost opportunities to increase revenue and improve employee morale.

This entire workshop is geared toward taking specific actions to address the issues that surround workplace productivity and profitability, including communication, policies and procedures, job descriptions and workflow management. Furthermore, the workshop sessions will also address the issue of creating a management system that uses hard statistical data to provide answers and measure staff performance. The seminars will also offer ideas on ways to enhance marketing programs once performance increases and how companies can handle the new, improved work load.

While Sterling's focus has been primarily on accounting firms, the company actually offers advice and works with companies of all types and sizes. Sterling, located in the same city as , creates flexible management programs using a variety of advanced and basic courses that are tailored to help individual businesses learn more about how to successfully operate their businesses and how to address their unique issues. While the "one-size-fits-all" approach is popular among consulting firms, Sterling's Practice Management Workshops can be individualized to suit almost any business. Whether a business is very large, with hundreds of employees and dozens of departments, or a "Mom and Pop" family-owned business, there are simple and straightforward ways of addressing problems and increasing productivity. The Practice Management Workshop will allow business owners to learn these methods and adapt them for use in their own industries, no matter what type of business they have.

The Practice Management Workshops address the problems of poor productivity, negative employee attitudes and the true cost of having the wrong people in the wrong jobs. However, they also address other issues surrounding increased profitability. For example, the marketing section of the seminar focuses on how the right marketing tools for one business may not work for another. Depending on the type and size of the business, it is very possible that one marketing technique would be ideal for that business but would not work at all for a different company. Attendees will learn ways to determine what works best for their own businesses and how to find and implement the right strategies to bring new customers in with a minimum of cost.

The new Practice Management Workshops feature sessions and events that will yield results for any company. Sterling guarantees that when companies choose to implement their advice, they will see an increase in productivity and profits or the company will refund the price of the seminar. For companies that are struggling with problems such as poor employee expectations and entitled attitudes or with the loss of income that comes with the wrong training or implementation, the Sterling Practice Management Workshops offer ways to improve.

Registration begins soon, so companies, owners and managers interested in attending should visit Sterling's website to learn more or to register for the upcoming event. The company also holds workshops in many other locations, so check the website for other opportunities.

About Sterling:

Sterling is a premier CPA and healthcare practice-management consulting firm serving companies throughout California and the US. Offering training and consultation for customers in all areas of the country, the firm has been in business for more than 30 years and helps CPAs cope with stress, inefficiency and confusion by offering customized consultations, management courses and regional workshops.

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