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Expansion Joint Covers can bind flames, water leaks and seismic movements. The floors, walls and ceilings are open.
Expansion Joint cover is one of Prospec Specialties ' most popular products. Prospec Specialties are widely recognized internationally for their high quality construction designs, floor expansion joints and movement joint coverings. With many years of experience and skills, Prospec Specialties allows the community to provide better facilities.

Understanding Floor Expansion Joint Covers

There are many causes, including thermal shifts, seismic activity and concrete fracture, that may lead to concrete expansion or decline. The invention of the expansion joint emerged in order to alleviate this problem. Expansion joints covers are also known as motion joints and can withstand rotation, deformation and insulating loads between concrete and other structural components.

Floor expansion joints are used to cover openings that mask building movement-due to heat, earthquake, shrinking or other movement. These cover plate systems carry varying traffic types, including pedestrians, shopping carts, forklifts, hospital equipment, trolleys, and maintenance equipment.

To various types of structures, Prospec Specialties offers a wide range of heavy floor expansion covers. Constructed with anodized aluminium and stainless steel, their AAS, FFS, AFC, ADC and many more series of floor and floor-wall expansion joints are the most widely-used floor expansion joint system for major residential and commercial development projects, and national capital infrastructure.

A complete & wide - range variety of total expansion joint covers is available at Prospec Specialties. Although most seismic joint coverings and extension are the same, the Prospec Specialties have many years of design and manufacturing experience.

Expansion Joints in Buildings: Keep them Safe and Crack-Free

It is known that all constructions are to some extent confined. Expansion joints are used to withstand the thermal expansion and contraction of building materials. Expansion joints can absorb vibration efficiently, hold parts of buildings and allow materials to move through ground or earthquakes. In addition to moisture and water insulation, they also provide easy movement of live loads.

They are used to fill the gaps of large designs at the correct distances between buildings. We use expansion joints to isolate flames, insulate different classifications of buildings and render structural irregularities. They are also known as movement joints, which can be included not just in buildings, but also on bridges, sidewalks, railways.

Expansion joints for complete separation, including floors, roofs, walls, towers and frames, can be attached to different building pieces. It can be placed from floor to floor, from floor to wall, from wall to wall, from ceiling to roof, from ceiling to ground, from roof to roof or from roof to wall.

Expansion Joint Covers can bind flames, water leaks and seismic movements. The floors, walls and ceilings are open. Prospec Expansion joint covers are well known in the field and are among the best available expansion covers, along with their powerful form and function.

Expansion Joints Should Meet Certain Criteria Such As:

1. Having high load-carrying capacity (e.g. vehicle wheels load)
2. Water tightness in the joint and its connections at each side to prevent leaking.
3. Suitability for pedestrian traffic (e.g. with high-heeled shoes)
4. Resistance to aggressive substances
5. Reduce noise in buildings that transport fragile goods (e.g. in glass factories)
6. Should be eye-pleasing.

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