Prostate Cancer Patients Find Hope with Natural Remedy PC Hope, Books Indicate

Posted October 21, 2021 by prsub123

PC Hope, an herbal supplement for prostate cancer patients by Nutrition 2000
Three books written by distinguished doctors indicate that an herbal supplement for prostate cancer patients by Nutrition 2000 called PC Hope, along with a comprehensive wellness plan, shows a lowering of PSA levels for prostate cancer patients and significantly reduces pain and improves the quality of cancer patients' lives.

The books were written regarding a remedy similar to PC Hope, called PC SPES. (“Spes” is the Latin word for hope.) PC Hope has the same eight herbs that were in PC SPES, plus the addition of magnesium, plant sterolins, and quercetin enhance the synergistic effects experienced by men who took PC SPES.

In the book by board-certified neurosurgeon Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., called “Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients,” he states that “PC-SPES is a combination of eight highly concentrated Chinese herbs that have been found to be very effective against … prostate cancers. Its mechanism of action involves the inhibition of the systems used by the cancer cells for their growth and survival. It has been shown to inhibit cancer cell reproduction, suppress growth factors that contribute to the tumor growth, stimulate the p53 gene, and induce apoptosis in the cancer cells ... Several clinical trials using PC SPES have shown the herbal combination to be a valuable option for patients with prostate cancer.” He also writes that of a group of [prostate cancer patients tested, PSA levels remained low in 88% percent of them. In some prostate cancer patients, PSA levels fell to even undetectable amounts over time.

“’The Prostate Miracle’ New Natural Therapies That Can Save Your Life” written by Jesse A. Stoff, M.D., a Certified Naturopathic Physician and a licensed Homeopathic Physician, and Dallas Clouatre, Ph.D., says, “The usual approach to treating prostate cancer is to treat the cancer, not the patient. PC SPES is different. The eight Chinese herbs have multiple effects that make this compound suitable to individuals whose health and basic constitutions vary widely … . [By acting as an antiviral, PC SPES may help to partially relieve the burden on the immune system. PC SPES also has anti-inflammatory benefits, and these again, support the immune system and may help to inhibit one of the ways in which cancers spread and metastasize. Moreover, its actions against benign hyperplasia may serve to improve the quality of life, even aside from its effects upon prostate cancer itself and is another indication for its use that I employ in my practice.”

Chief medical correspondent for NBC News Dr. Bob Arnot writes in his book “The Prostate Cancer Protection Plan'' about the stages of prostate cancer and how they are affected by PC SPES. “Dr. Eric Small studied 33 patients who were at a late stage but were responsive to hormone therapy. He found 100 percent of these patients showed a more than 50 percent reduction in PSA and 74 percent had a more than 50 percent decrease in tumor volume.” Some patients who have progressive prostate cancer after undergoing hormone treatment are considered hormone-resistant cancer patients. The book cites a prostate cancer study in which “37 patients had hormone-resistant prostate cancer … Still, even though many see PC SPES working primarily as hormone therapy, Dr. Small also saw a drop of about 50 to 60 percent in this group. This tells us that PC SPES has non hormonal effects. Dr. B.L. Pfeifer reported a 70 percent reduction in PSA among his study patients ….”

Again, although these books were written about PC SPES, PC Hope includes the same eight herbs that are in PC SPES, and provides greater results with its magnesium, plant sterolins, and quercetin.

Larry Pope, President of Nutrition 2000, says, “The results of these studies are promising and show that PC Hope is an effective alternative for prostate cancer patients. We want the public to be educated and know about the benefits of PC Hope. It is part of a comprehensive care program with a particular protocol, and should not be perceived as a magic bullet on its own.”

For more detailed information concerning these studies on prostate cancer, other cancers, or to learn more about PC Hope, please visit or call 1-800-558-9697.

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