Viral Kingdom: The NFT Youtuber Teaching People How to Build Their Own NFT Projects

Posted April 19, 2022 by prsub123

NFT Course is an online course of 28 lessons taught by the Viral Kingdom.
Toronto, Ontario, April 19, 2022. Viral Kingdom is a business brand that a Canadian student launched originally to post gaming and media related tutorials. Now, Viral Kingdom is used to teach beginner NFT content online, helping educate millions of rookies in the crypto space. The Viral Kingdom brand is widely known throughout the NFT community and was created by a Canadian student named “Sauce”. Through harnessing his expertise in the area of marketing and knowledge of NFT’s, Sauce continues to teach many through youtube video tutorials, paid courses and community channels (i.e., discord). Viral Kingdom has reached over 10.6 million views across 324 video uploads as of April 17th 2022. The Viral Kingdom YouTube channel has grown to over 85,000 subscribers, in hopes to reach the milestone goal of 100,000 subscribers by the end of 2022.

After just recently beginning to mount a following on other social media platforms (i.e., Instagram, Twitter), Viral Kingdom has run into many fake accounts impersonating him (Sauce) and his online business persona (Viral Kingdom). This is very unfortunate for the NFT community, as influential brands like the Viral Kingdom, should be verified to prevent impersonators from scamming newer members of the community.

What is the Viral Kingdom NFT Course?
Viral Kingdom NFT Course is an online course of 28 lessons taught by the Viral Kingdom.

After posting various NFT tutorials over the span of the past year, Viral Kingdom owner “Sauce” decided he could create a course for beginner’s in the NFT space. His own personal success with the Viral Kingdom brand drove his passion to want to teach others to launch their own projects and brands. Viral Kingdom’s NFT course provides the user with the tools and knowledge needed to start and develop a successful NFT project. Sauce provides tutorials, exclusive software and insider secrets from some of the tactics used in the largest NFT projects that have hit the market. Viral Kingdom’s NFT course will teach you how to create your NFT brand, develop your project and market your project, while also receiving access to King’s club benefits.

The Viral Kingdom NFT Course covers three main topics which include NFT brand creation, NFT art creation and NFT marketing. The brand creation topic covers important aspects like adding whitelists, creating utilities and coding your smart contract while the art creation topic focuses mainly on auto-generating NFT art. Lastly, the marketing topic covers 2 hours of marketing content revolving around the biggest social media platforms including Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.

For the NFT enthusiasts that are a fan of Viral Kingdom, you can purchase the Viral Kingdom NFT course for just $349.00, at

“Viral Kingdoms’s NFT course gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to create a revolutionary NFT project,” said Axel Walker.

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Viral Kingdom has finally gone viral. With roots in gaming, marketing and business and a passion for the NFT/Crypto space, Sauce hopes to continue to grow Viral Kingdom and teach millions more about NFT’s. You can join the Viral Kingdom discord community to engage with fellow NFT entrepreneurs! Check out Viral Kingdom on Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram for more NFT related content. Information:
Price: $349.00 USD
Payment Options: PayPal, Visa
Lessons: 28
Main Topics: Brand Creation, Art Creation & Marketing.

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