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Posted March 7, 2022 by pssthecrown

National CROWN Day is a day of solidarity to defend the rights of all Black women or men.
CROWN Act, which stands for "Creating an Open and Respectful World for Natural Hair," is a law that prevents hair discrimination based on race, which is the discrimination against employment and educational opportunities due to hair texture or hairstyles for protection like loss, braids twists, or Bantu knots.

What exactly is Crown Act?
National CROWN Day is a day of solidarity to defend the rights of all women or men, as well as kids to show off their hair proudly and boldly and without the worry of being discriminated against at work or in school. CROWN means creating an open and respectful World for natural hair.

Today we honor the iconic character of hair, and we mobilize the country to end hair discrimination. Any type of natural hair and style that protects it should be able to wear without fear of judgment and resentment.
Hair discrimination's impact is not overstated. Workplaces and schools all over the nation have rules on grooming and dress code that prohibit natural hairstyles like Bantu knots, braids, afros, knots, and locs. These rules that penalize natural hairstyles are utilized to justify the deportation of students from schools and also adults from their jobs.

Without any legal protections nationwide against discrimination in the hair industry, people are often faced with sanctions at school or at work to maintain their hair or spend time and money to comply with Eurocentric aesthetics and professionalism.
The CROWN Act would change that. The legislation requires protection against hair discrimination based on race at the workplace, as well as in charter and K-12 public schools that are based on hair texture or hairstyles that are protective. LDF is an active participant in the CROWN Coalition, a group that includes more than 80 community and advocacy groups who have worked hard to bring about real, concrete change and push for the adoption of the CROWN Act in all 50 states, and to eliminate discrimination against hair.

In the year 2019, Dove commissioned a study to determine the extent and effect of natural hair- based discrimination that is faced by Black women at work. The study revealed it was found that Black women were 1.5x higher likely dismissed from work because of their hair. Black women are also 80percent more likely to change their hair's natural style to make it more suitable for the workplace environment.

Information about Crown Act Event
Salon Café Inc (SCI)as well as Talented Teens Club Cosmetology Program Crowned the day with community leaders, entertainers, entrepreneurs as well as top hairstylists, and advancement for people of color. The inaugural CROWN Awards honored women, girls, and men for their contributions to society, culture, and furthering the tradition of Black beauty. They also celebrated the CROWN Awards celebrates with top DJs from South Florida, teen dancers, and singers. The CROWN Awards brought hair, Music, and Culture together to inspire, educate and encourage people to PASS the CROWN.
The event is also expected to draw vendors from across the state, which will provide a unique experience to the event, far beyond simply selling. Additionally, more than 75% of those who attended purchased services or products; and we're still receiving reports of new business contacts who are working together.

This event provides the sale of space to organizations and businesses and we anticipate that space to be sold out quickly. It is the Crown Act is a Movement all over the United States and the world. It is believed that the Crown Act is the biggest hair and culture movement that the United States has ever seen. More than 13 states have enacted the Crown act law and Florida is set to be next.

Join the Movement #PASSTHECROWN
Date: Sunday,
June 12,2022
Time: 2pm-6pm
Place: Lake Pavilion
101 S Flagler Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
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