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Posted January 12, 2022 by quantumsoftware

CYPHERTOP steganography software utilizes this concept of steganography. The software saves the secret information in so-called containers.
CYPHERTOP is a free steganography software designed for Windows. It enables you to hide the text in images and only users of CYPHERTOP can view these hidden text messages. People can put text by typing or inserting it from a TXT file. Recognized input image types are BMP, JPG, JPEG, and GIF, however, it saves the output image in BMP format with hidden text inside it. The user interface of this application is easy and simple to understand. Firstly use the “Open Image” option to open the image file and after that type the hidden text inside the text box. It's also possible to insert text from the TXT file by exploring the “Open Text” option and then clicking “Hide Text” and after that click the “Save Image” option to save the ultimate BMP file. To get the secret text; simply open the BMP file including secret text with it.

Secret information that outsiders do not view as such is best protected from prying view. CYPHERTOP steganography software utilizes this concept of steganography. The software saves the secret information in so-called containers. These are BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, or WBMP images. By using wildcards, some of these information carriers can be chosen at the same time.

The software uses a plug-in-based style to work with several steganography algorithms. LSB (Least Significant Bit) and RandomLSB (Randomized Least Significant Bit) are presently available. For further safety measures, the secret messages can be encrypted before being baked into a container file. As a result, the application of the DES technique along with MD5 hash features.

Features of CYPHERTOP steganography software

CYPHERTOP is written in pure Java and must run on all systems supported by java. It has been tested on MS Windows and Linux, but should not get the issue on other systems too.
It supports password-based encryption of data for a further level of security.
It utilizes a plugin-based structure, where several plugins can be created for various types of Steganographic / Watermarking algorithms. At the moment, it supports two plugins - RandomLSB (Randomized LSB) for data hiding and Dugad’s algorithm for watermarking, but new plugins can be simply made for other algorithms. Plugins may also be simply included for other kinds of cover files such as Audio files.
All features are obtainable utilizing the command line also.
Clean Java API is available if a person requires to embed CYPHERTOP in some other project.

Working with CYPHERTOP is pretty simple. There are two processes of function - data hiding and watermarking. In data hiding mode, anyone can either hide the data (file) inside an image or remove the data from the image. In watermarking function, anyone can watermark/verify images with the signature. First, must generate the signature file, and then it can be employed to watermark images or confirm the same later.

CYPHERTOP is an easy-to-use steganography software that can also be employed by users who do not choose to dig deeper into the subject. Download link:
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