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Posted September 1, 2020 by rahul336

After completion of the PGDM program, students can secure jobs in top organizations around the world. They can work in profiles like Consultant, Project Manager, Director of Marketing, Business, etc
Today's business world is facing some of the biggest challenges ever seen. These challenges have made it difficult for an organization to survive. Moreover, the economic slowdown has affected the revenue and growth of a company.

All these factors have even changed job scenarios. Companies are considering layoffs for cost-saving reasons. According to a recent report, nearly 63% of Indians between the age group 20-24 are unemployed. Moreover, the unemployment rate has touched 7.1%, that is the highest. This has increased the competition. Furthermore, it has become difficult for professionals to survive and thrive with just an under-graduation degree. Even the possibility of career stagnancy has increased.

Besides, it has been observed that companies are becoming more selective in the hiring process. Nowadays, the HR's are giving fewer preferences to professionals with just bachelor degrees. Therefore it has become necessary for college graduates and working professionals to enhance their skill-set.

All of this has created a surge in the number of students taking admission in management programs like PGDM. Since it helps in developing management and leadership skills, these skills are in-demand. Along with it, these skills also help in climbing the corporate ladder.


Post Graduation Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a full-time postgraduate program. It is divided into four semesters that are covered in two years. The curriculum of the program is designed in a way that it provides students with an in-depth understanding of the modern business world; it's practices and aspects.

PGDM also allows students to undertake an industry-relevant specialization. The specialization offered are-

Marketing Management
Entrepreneurship Management
Finance Management
International Business Management
Human Resource Management
Management Business Analytics
Operations and Supply Chain Management

Eligibility for PGDM-

To pursue this course, students must complete graduation from a recognized university. Additionally, they are required to score a minimum of 50% average marks.

Skills developed during PGDM-

The curriculum of PGDM is industry-relevant and is constantly updated according to current trends. Moreover, it helps students to develop and enhance various skills that help them to succeed in their career. Some of these skills are-

Communication Skills

Communication skills play an essential role in career development and growth. If a professional is unable to express their work, and showcase it at the right time, then it hampers their growth. This can also make their career stagnant.

Therefore, particular focus is given in the PGDM program for developing the communication skills of students. They are given the opportunity to do an internship in leading companies to learn and understand the complex business environment and language. This helps in honing their communication skills.

Networking Skills

Networking plays a vital role in today's business world. It proves to be extremely helpful for growth in the long run. This is the reason why the PGDM program emphasizes on tasks that allow students to communicate with each other.

The program also includes activities such as guest lectures, corporate interactions, workshops etc. These activities help students to enhance their networking skills. Moreover, giving them a platform to build a network.

Pressure Management

The challenges today's business world continually faces builds a constant pressure on the management professionals. Therefore to have a successful management career, professionals must possess pressure management skills.

PGDM curriculum is designed to polish pressure management skills of students. The constant deadlines of assignments, presentations and exams help the students to manage stressful situations.

Problem Solving Ability

Management professionals are required to face numerous challenging situations that need problem-solving ability. These situations require them to approach strategically, as a mistake can affect the growth of the organization.

The PGDM course, with the help of numerous assignments, teaches students to understand the situation, and identify the problem. Furthermore, these assignments also allow students to take strategic actions that can resolve the issue.

Management Skills

To have a successful management career, it is a must for professionals to have management skills. And, these skills are given fundamental importance in PGDM curriculum.

PGDM curriculum provides overall knowledge of the day-to-day operations of an organization, among other things. This allows students to get an opportunity to hone their management skills.


After completion of the PGDM program, students can secure jobs in top organizations around the world. They can work in profiles like Consultant, Project Manager, Director of Marketing, Business, etc. These profiles come with lucrative salary packages and numerous benefits. In the end, we can conclude that PGDM provides the boost that one's career needs.
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