Scooter Sharing Market Demand, Investment Feasibility and Forecast to 2025

Posted January 3, 2022 by Rahul_Gautam

Scooter Sharing Market Revenue, Trend and Forecast to 2025
The increasing population in many cities around the world is causing a sharp surge in the number of daily commuters, which, in turn, is leading to road congestion, especially during peak hours of the day. One of the most effective solutions to the problem is to increase the adoption of various ride-sharing services such as scooter sharing services. As a result, the governments of several countries are rapidly implementing regulations and policies for promoting the adoption of scooter-sharing services.

As scooters are smaller and have more compact sizes than other vehicles the increasing adoption of scooter-sharing services plays a pivotal role in reducing road congestion, which subsequently reduces the prevalence of road accidents. In addition to this, the deployment of ride-sharing services greatly reduces the number of vehicles running on the roads, which leads to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. At a time when air pollution is increasing at an alarming rate in several cities, the adoption of ride-sharing services is turning out to be a great method for mitigating environmental degradation.

The other important factor fueling the demand for scooter sharing services is the greater convenience offered by these services in comparison to the privately owned vehicles. This is because the ownership of a vehicle massively increases a person’s expenses, on account of the vehicle’s fuel costs, maintenance charges, parking expenses, insurance cover, and many other costs. Furthermore, the development of advanced mobile applications has boosted the convenience of the scooter sharing services, as these services can now be easily availed with just a few finger taps.

Because of the aforementioned reasons, the popularity of scooter-sharing services is increasing rapidly throughout the world. As a result, the global scooter sharing market is predicted to exhibit rapid progress in the future years. These services are availed for both one-way and round trips. Of these, the adoption of the scooter sharing services for one-way trips was higher in the past and this trend is predicted to be seen during the coming years as well.

Globally, the scooter sharing market will demonstrate the highest growth in Europe in the upcoming years, as per the estimates of P&S Intelligence, a market research firm based in India. This is attributed to the rising road congestion in major European cities and increasing greenhouse gas emissions in the region. In addition to this, many European countries such as Germany, France, and Spain are rapidly adopting scooter sharing services for reducing road congestion in the urban areas, which is, in turn, propelling the growth of the market in the region.

Therefore, it can be safely said that the demand for scooter sharing services will increase massively all over the world in the near future, mainly because of the increasing road congestion in urban areas, rising incidence of road accidents, high expenses associated with the ownership of vehicles, and the greater convenience offered by these services in comparison to personal vehicles.
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