Kings and Bills: The Satta King - A Billionaires Game in 2021

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Kings and Bills: The Satta King - A Billionaires Game in 2021Kings and Bills: The Satta King - A Billionaires Game in 2021
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Satta King - A Billionaires Game in 2021.
Kings and Bills: The Satta King - A Billionaires Game in 2021
In the book, "The Business of Being Broke," author TW Jackson offers interesting insights into the dynamics of the Satta King. According to Mr. Jackson, there are two ways to play the game and both can produce results that will either make you rich or bankrupt you. Playing the game correctly means having a solid foundation and saving as much money as possible while risking as little as possible. The book discusses the Satta King as the number one reason why millionaires persist through hard times and continue to be successful.
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Mr. Jackson starts out by showing how the game was created so that the one who has the most money at the end of the game wins. The winner is typically the person with the highest net worth. The Satta King is based on the law of probability. Mr. Jackson believes that if there is something inherently bad or evil about the person playing the game, that person is going to want to hide it and the people around him will try to keep it from him. The Satta King concept then states that the winner must come out on top by the terms of the game, which may mean winning the most money and becoming the most powerful entity on Earth.
The first chapter focuses on why the Satta King exists. The author analyzes the concept of luck while providing some possible reasons for its existence. He points out that there are some problems that cannot be solved by chance. These problems exist because of a lack of resources and connections, or perhaps both. Therefore, they demand an outside solution, usually a business or a political organization.
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The second chapter focuses on how the game works. Mr. Jackson provides a short history of the Satta Kingdom, which was where the game originated. The short history reveals a pattern that suggests that the problem of scarcity has always existed, but only until recently, and only in the form of money has the problem been solved. In addition, he demonstrates that there are some connections between poverty and power, and that these connections have been key to the economic development and power of the Satta people.
The third chapter looks at how the Satta King fits into the game. Mr. Jackson shows that the Satta people have always been able to manipulate and control the political leaders of their world, but this ability has now been translated into an Internet business. This business offers a solution to the problem of scarcity and allows people to access the wealth of the entire world for the price of one game or program. As the Satta King is the number one bidder in his position, he becomes the new King of Money and Power.
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Mr. Jackson provides a great description of how the game works and uses some recent examples to show how easily it is for one person to become the King or Queen of Money and Power. This chapter focuses on the story of one man who literally became King for a day and then was deposed and forced to spend the next twenty-four years restoring his failing finances. Once he had done so, he turned around and founded a company that would allow others to access the technology he had developed, and that same technology allowed him to have everything he wanted - and the rest is history.
Mr. Jackson concludes his examination of the Satta Kingdom by looking at how the world might change if such a situation were to occur. Specifically, he makes a case for governments to get involved by creating artificially intelligent super-robots which could be sent into combat to eliminate any nation state with nuclear weapons. In addition, he makes a strong argument for the need for a basic income, as everyone needs food and shelter to survive. The basic income would then be divided up between individuals, depending upon their needs. He also looks into the possibility of using the Internet and its associated technologies to help everyone have a fair shot at achieving prosperity.
Authors Mark Walpert and Kevin Kelly have done an excellent job of conveying the scope and potential for this type of technology and business. There is a clear path for entrepreneurs to tap into the technology of the future, and the potential for enormous wealth and power is plenty enough reason for anyone to consider getting involved. Those with the ability to invest in this emerging field stand to make a huge return, simply by putting in a small start-up capital investment. The Satta King - A Billionaires Game in 2021 is an entertaining and thought-provoking read, and those who invest will reap great rewards for themselves.
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