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Mr. Ramulifho is a professional South African legal practitioner and Director of Ramulifho Inc.
Brief Background and Achievements

Mr. Ramulifho is a professional South African legal practitioner and Director of Ramulifho Inc. After successfully completing his law program at the University of Pretoria; he began his journey in the legal field. Despite encountering various roadblocks, he became a proven law genius with the title of winning to his name.

Pursuing knowledge earned him an additional post-graduate diploma in Insolvency Law and an advanced certificate in Labour law at the prestigious university of Pretoria.

His honorary leadership award from the University of Pretoria in the year 2000 is proof of his outstanding skill as a team leader and character worth emulating. While at Savage, Jooste & Adams, he became a labor law expert, having completed clerkship articles providing extensive information on litigation and commercial work.

Major Appointments

Mr. Ramulifho has been an impressive member of the board of the international and Domestic Air Services Licensing Board (IDASLB) for over six years and counting. He was part of those who improved good governance in south Africa by drafting the Access To Information Bill (ATI). The ATI bill was passed to hold the government accountable and responsible for actions and proclaims made.

This excellent legal expert also played a key role in establishing a governing structure in the Eastern Cape of South Africa called NCERA.

After gaining extensive exposure by diligently practicing law, he established his firm, Ramulifho Inc. He and his licensed team were pivotal in recording success as regards the legal issues surrounding the South African Social Security Agency. The Ramulifho legal attorneys adhere strictly to the code of ethics.

He is a proven team leader who maintaince the uniqueness of his corporation despite changes in political and socio-economic settings, technological innovation, competition among leading firms, and dynamics in client's expectations.

When it comes to integrity and moral uprightness, you can trust me, Ramulifho, to hold those two attributes in high esteem. He is someone who appreciates the restoration of law and order and never hesitates to fight for the right of people who might have seen the unfair side of the law.

The law equates to a balance of truth, peace, and justice; Mr. Ramulifho has successfully incorporated these principles to raise the bar in his legal practice. His team comprises fourteen passionate and excellent young lawyers who are full-fledged Africans. He.is someone who craves an organization of a black community without boundaries or intellectual limits. His precise management of his team has set a pace and pattern for other competitors to follow. Ramulifho law agency is only a competitor to itself, proven by how the CEO strives to coordinate the team to be a better version of itself.

This legal attorney handles every legal matter taken up uniquely, intelligently, and with integrity. His manner of approach to issues brought before he is without any form of partiality or favoritism. He is true to his words and proves those words with facts.

Major Skills and Qualities

• Excellent Communication

Mr. Ramulifho is a seasoned orator with enviable oral persuasion skills. He knows how to intelligently curate words majorly targeted at establishing justice. He knows how to educate his clients well and carry them throughout the legal process. You can be sure of never being left in the dark if you have someone like him as your defense attorney. He is known to produce various legal documents that set a standard for legal practice.

• Research and Analytical Skills

These qualities can never be underestimated in a good lawyer. Even outside his profession, Mr. Ramulifho is known to draw reasonable and logical conclusions from any information given intelligently. He has true foresight in recognizing weak points in an argument and gathering accurate information as a shield, thereby establishing a reputation for winning debates.

• Interpersonal Relationship Skills

This seasoned professional has been able to grasp the understanding of Human psychology. He is skilled in dealing with various people and has shown uncommon respect for people irrespective of race, gender, culture, or nationality. He treats everyone equally and has strict compliance with the rule of law.

• Creativity

Mr. Ramulifho's robust portfolio is good evidence of how he applies his creativity to make a good name for himself. He knows how to patiently absorb lots of information and carve defending points from scratch.

• Teachability and Humility

Despite his unique achievements, he remains humble and willing to learn from others with valid information. He never parades himself as an island of knowledge but seizes every opportunity to update his knowledge in the legal field.

Even if he has to learn from a brilliant undergraduate, he will not hesitate to do so. He never underestimates or belittle anyone no matter the status, race, or gender. This trait has helped him massively in expanding his legal career. He has been able to spread his wings beyond the coast of Africa and transform the lives of different individuals.

• Compassion and Empathy

Mr. Ramulifho is a compassionate individual who has contributed immensely to the growth of his team members and clients. His kind nature has earned him the ability to be just and fair in all his dealings. He has no regard for injustice and refuses to be intimidated in the face of lawbreakers.

One admirable quality of this legal expert is his ability to relate with clients empathically. He can evaluate people's thoughts and predict a clear line of action.

• Perseverance

Even in the face of conspiracies designed to bring him down, this upright man remains firm. He carries his shoulders boldly, never afraid to defend and fight for his right. He sacrificed nights and days to diligently study the art and science of law, making him an expert in the legal field.

Final Thoughts

Indeed there are rare gems in this world still impacting the lives of this generation and generations yet unborn. One of these gems is Lesley Nkhumbuleni Ramulifho, who, without a doubt, has set a pattern for younger generations to follow. His excellent style of leadership has undoubtedly been pivotal in bringing many success stories to his legal practice.

For more information, please visit https://www.ramulifho.co.za/about/
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