All You Need To Know About Kick Scooters Before Buying Your Kids One

Posted July 10, 2021 by RippedKnees

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Maybe it was your kids endlessly nagging you to buy them a kick scooter or maybe it was you who decided it will be a fun way for them to entertain themselves. Either way a kick scooter can a lot of fun for youngsters and is a wonderful way for them to be active. As these kick scooters are not as fast as a bike and are also not classified as one, you can use them anywhere and still be within the law. It is the perfect alternative for the kid who is lacking the confidence to get on a bike and still wants to play around with friends in the park. But what do you need to know about a kick scooter before you put down the money for one? The team at Ripped Knees are all into scooters and very passionate about all kinds of scooters for all kinds of purposes and age groups. They state that scooters are highly versatile and while even small kids can have hours of fun scooting around in the park, it is also the perfect way for adrenaline junkies to find their fix in the skate park, doing stunts and amazing the crowds.

“Why do so many parents opt to buy kick scooters for their kids? Quite simply because they require zero skill. It doesn’t require endless hours of training a kid to ride a kick scooter as it does with a bike. Mastering a kick scooter is also giving many kids the confidence to get onto a bike with far little effort. Being able to move around like this also gives children a sense of independence. Then I am not even mentioning the physical benefits these scooters have for children during this early development phase in their lives,” says James Potts, manager of the popular brand.

The team at Ripped Knees is always ready to provide assistance and advice when you have any question regarding your purchase, what solution would bring you all the benefits you need or what replacement parts your scooter needs to give you’re the durability you require.

Potts also further expands on how lightweight kick scooters are and as they can fold up, they also serve as a wonderful means of transport for the more adult rider who wants to rely on a scooter as a means of transport. “Our scooters cater for such a wide segment of the market and offers versatility to many,” Potts concludes.

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