Is there a metal detector that only detects gold and ignores iron?

Posted December 9, 2021 by RizwanAli

We all know that metal detectors detect metals, but what we don't know is what kinds of metals they can find.
We all know that metal detectors detect metals, but what we don't know is what kinds of metals they can find. In the following article, we'll go through each sort of metal that metal detectors can detect and the various types of metal detectors that can detect these metals.

What metals can a metal detector detect? The metals that a metal detector may detect are as follows:


Not all metal detectors are the same.
Metal detectors are classified into three categories. First, it has metal detectors that oscillate at a beat frequency and shallow frequency and pulse induction.

Metal is detected in three different ways by these three devices.

Oscillation of the beat frequency
Metal detectors that use the Beat Frequency Oscillation (BFO) method send out signals, which are interrupted when they come across a metal object. The oscillator converts Morse code (CW) transmissions into an audible and understandable audio signal.

Metal detectors with a shallow frequency (VLF) are more accurate. Metal detectors of this type can assist you in distinguishing between metals. You can also specify that they only detect certain metals.

If you only want to look for gold or silver, for example, you can set the tuner to only look for gold or silver, and the detector will ignore and not detect any other metals.

Pulse Induction
The pulse induction metal detector is the third type. These are heavy-duty metal detectors that can be costly. This sort of metal detector is not necessary for a beginner detectorist.

Copper, brass, and bronze are some of the most popular metals.
Non-ferrous metals such as copper and its alloys, brass, and bronze can be detected with metal/ gold detectors.

One of the first metals discovered was copper. It was utilized by the Romans and Greeks to produce tools and ornaments. In addition, copper alloys such as brass and bronze have been used to make various items over the millennia.

To summaries, when detecting metal for various types of metals, you may find rich hidden gems.

Some objects you might find while metal detecting for copper, brass, or bronze would be:

Old copper pots, utensils, and storage containers
Copper coins such as Indian head, wheat penny, and large pennies
Medallions of bronze and brass, as well as coins and tokens
Musical instruments made of bronze or bronze
These metals have been around for a long time, and millions of things have been made from them, so you're likely to run across one during your treasure-hunting expeditions.
You won't find diamonds with metal detector. You need a special diamond detector to detect diamonds and sometimes gemstones.

The most common metals, such as silver, tin, lead, and iron, will be detected by most metal detectors. However, if you want to find natural gold, you'll need a metal detector with a higher frequency.

Low-frequency detectors will detect gold, but when it is accompanied by other metals, such as jewelry or gold coins.

Gold is probably the definitive find when conducting metal detection. Unfortunately, we have never found gold in my outings, but that is a lifelong goal for me.
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