Knowing The Law Before The Use Of Marijuana

Posted March 29, 2022 by Rockymountaincbd

The law and marijuana can work together | Rocky Mountain Cannabis Corporation
All Rocky Mountain Cannabis (RMC) dispensaries in Colorado not only produce the finest quality marijuana in Colorada but take cognizance of the legal repercussions in the buying and selling of products from the well-known cannabis plant.
All products whether for recreational or medical use carry warning labels and the legalities regarding the law and marijuana use.
Adults 21 years and older can have a maximum amount of 2 ounces of marijuana to share with another adult but are not allowed to sell. This includes any marijuana grown at home. Any more than the legal limit will result in fines and legal charges. The use of marijuana in a public area such as smoking, eating or vaporing is not allowed.
A public area would be defined as sidewalks, parks and amusement parks, ski resorts, concert venues, businesses, restaurants, cafés, or bars, including the common areas of apartment buildings or condos.
“It must be remembered to exercise caution when using recreational marijuana in various areas. Since the use of marijuana is still illegal in federal land it is unlawful to be used in national parks and forests. Rocky Mountain Cannabis is a fully licensed company to sell marijuana and take extreme caution to work within the boundaries of the law,” said Nate Balducci, Marketing Director, for Rocky Mountain Cannabis.
Marijuana can only be sold by legally licensed retailers. No person under the age of 21 years may buy or have in their possession any form of marijuana. When buying a marijuana product RMC dispensary requires proof of identification before selling the product to the individual.
Marijuana can be used in private property, however, if the house is rented the property owners may not allow tenants to make use of the products on their property.
Hotel owners and guesthouses may also ban the use of marijuana on their properties so it is important to investigate at each establishment whether it will or will not be allowed. Some places may have a demarcated area for marijuana use that will not disturb other patrons.
Although marijuana had been legalized in some areas, many businesses do not permit their employees to use marijuana as it could impair the employee from performing their job. Employers can still test their employees for marijuana use and employment acceptance could be based on the drug test results.
Under state rules, there could be a limit to the retailers opening and closing times. In the state of Denver marijuana may not leave the county whether by flight, any kind of vehicle or by foot.
RMC is a licensed retail dispensary and the only legal way to purchase cannabis in the State of Colorado is from a licensed business.
Always refer to State and local law enforcement and comply with warning labels on product packages.
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