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Depending on your favorite sci fi yarns, teleportation is either a very, very bad buy osrs gold idea (see: The Fly) or a very, very cool one (see: Star Trek). For scientists, it’s just very, very complex, so much so that at this point, teleportation is not a matter of moving matter but one of transporting information. Already, physicists have been able to exchange information between light particles or photons or between atoms, so long as they were right next to each other. The current experiment marks the first in which information has traveled a significant distance 1 m, or a little more than 3 ft. between two isolated atoms. It’s also the first time the powers of a photon, which is good at traveling over long distances, and an atom, which is prized for its ability to retain information, have been jointly exploited. (See the top 10 scientific discoveries of 2008.)

Well the answer is NO. However, one needs to be careful while trading and keep several things in mind before you jump into the choppy sea of intra day (margin) trading. While hundreds of books have been written on tricks of intra day trading here are 10 thumb rules that you must remember before you start trading intra day.

My roommate was a WoW addict. I agree with your point about spending $15 a month on a game that entertains you all month rather than buying a new release. Even with thrifty bargain bin pickups I couldn’t possibly entertain myself with videogames for $15 a month. He tried to get me into his raid party. I quit around Level 24 and I’ve had no interest in going back. It started fine but the grind became tiresome.

Farming and Selling: This is also a good method almost everyone does. It requires no money, but a lot of time. And it’s not quite as profitable, since you’re likely to find lots of competition. All you need to do is to find the items that are most wanted by killing monsters and put them up for sale on the auction house. Make sure to put a fair price on your auctions. However, if you are a tank, you will easily be able to get a huge amount of dungeons done, since there is always a demand for tanks. You can make a profit with dungeons by the blues, greens, and crafting materials, plus the gold from mobs which you are going to loot. This is a very reliable way to make gold in Cataclysm since many of the items that drop in dungeons have a high demand.

What do you do when you go to they gym? lift a few hand weights, run a little bit on the treadmill? If you want to train hardcore you’ll need to come up with something a little better than that! I recently read about how MMA fighters spend their time in the gym. You have to check this out!

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