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Different sex positions

Here are 3 different sex positions that you may have never tried before but can be lots of fun to try out with your girl.
The first of these different sex positions is known as the luscious lift.
While she lies comfortably on her back, kneel down in front of her and place her legs around your waist.
Important: for easiest access to her g-spot, her butt should be raised up in the air. I suggest placing a pillow underneath her so neither of you waste any energy to hold her in that position.
Now that she's bent up this way, you want to penetrate her in a forward and backward motion.
Lean forward over her to build a stronger connection together while you look into her eyes and talk dirty to her.
Next is the roaring dragon.
This is best used on a surface that's lower to the ground.
While your woman's calves are on just on the edge of the bed... she's bent over the end of it while her hands or arms are on the ground.
Again, you'll need a flat surface that's not too high to pull this one off.
Your girl can either hold herself up with her arms, or lay on a pile of pillows.
You should always have plenty of pillows around if you're serious about your sex life.
The reason I say this is because we already know how important it is for your girl to be comfortable during sex for her to achieve orgasm... and having a lot of pillows just makes it that much easier for her to reach another whenever she wants that extra comfort.
So do yourself a favor and invest in a few extra pillows, your girl will appreciate it and so will your sex life.
Different sex position #3 is the pressed position.
Your girl lays flat on her back but brings her knees up so that she can place her feet on your chest. Get on your knees in front of her and spread your legs open around her bottom.
A lot really enjoy this one because it makes for an unusual sensation. Not only are you stimulating both the deep and g-spots at the same time, but the whole feeling of having her legs up and knees bent this way make for a whole different sensation.
Also take advantage of the fact that you've got her feet right there since this is one of her erogenous zones.
Trying out different sex positions is one great key to keeping some variety in your sex life.
Have you caught yourself asking this question, "Can different sex positions fix my premature ejaculation?" If your answer is yes, then this article is made just for you. This article is all about explaining the benefits of changing to different sex positions just so you can last longer in bed.
There are about millions of men all over the world who suffers from this, yes, you are not alone in this fight to last longer in bed with your partner. Being able to control your early ejaculation is something that you can really fix. Now, you want to make changes if you really want to get the result that you want.
Are you the guy who is contented with the traditional the missionary style for example? Now, yes, it is true. The missionary style will definitely get the job done for you. That is if your main goal is to just cum after a couple of minutes, in short have a premature ejaculation. You can be on your way to make your baby, if this is your goal. Now, if you feel like you are already an expert in this position, or way too comfortable with it, then it is time that you change it now.
While you are having sex and while changing your position, now you can easily make use of this time to simply reach down and perform the squeeze technique. This is basically grabbing you're the upper part of your penis' shaft between your fingers and squeezing it to cut down blood flow.
Now, ensure that you choose a position that will be less stimulating for you but not for your partner. This is like giving yourself a break from the obvious high plateau which you are prone to having. Once you are both ready to finish, just employ whatever position that you want to use.
To end this, premature ejaculation can be treated with many other things. Now, you do not have to e embarrassed and deal with it on your own. There are actually lots of people who have gone through this one, and they managed to get passed it.
Changing or employing different sex positions will help you fix your premature ejaculation problem. Now, all you have to do is to practice or apply the things that you have read from this article, or better yet, read more articles to help you decide on which way to use to solve your problem.
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