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Before you start writing, it’s a great idea to think about what you are going to write. The writing process can be awful if you are not aware of where and how to start.
Before you begin writing, it is a great idea to think about what you're going to write.
Whether you are a beginner or a professional content author, here are some things you likely aware of:

Must make blog posts? Just write!
Need to publish landing page articles? Just write!
Need to publish a case study? Just write!
Have to send a letter? Just write! No more kidding
Well, composing does not mean that you pick up one topic and write randomly. And later publish it on a site and also hoping to rank high in Google. Earlier, I used to make the same mistakes over and over. My way of composing was simply to find a topic, then compose, and later I was like what am I writing:P. Gradually I came to know the significance of articles outlining before leaping to any topic.
Likewise, composing content is not all about getting the words; it's about discovering the words you want to utilize and rank, which is often called an SEO optimized content.
What exactly is the content outline?

In short, a summary is a listing of major topics and subtopics that you want to cover for your article to be better than competitors that now rank for the given piece of content. A proper content outline ensures your stream of content is in the right direction.
Why you need a content outline for greater SEO content creation?
Well, you might be wondering why the heck you need a content summary? I have a good reason for you. Without a proper outline, it would be difficult to connect ideas with ease. It would be challenging to structure and arrange content in well mannered. That's why a content outline is a remarkably practical way to organize information.

For example, you recently published a blog article and later realized you had forgotten something to cover subjects around in an report. But with the proper content outline, you'd have the ability to fill content or topic gaps so that you can make the content as whole as you can.
On the other hand, a stressful situation arises once you begin writing, and at some point, you fail to write more. A reason is composing in freestyle without outline makes your progress SUPER slow. And, in my experience, the outcome doesn't turn out that great.

An outline provides you a high profile overview of what you want to cover. That way, you couldn't miss any crucial factors, strategies, themes, and sub-topic e.t.c.
Lately, the practice of content outline makes my content generation super fast and easy. I wrote this post within fourteen days.

That's the power of a comprehensive content outline.
To sum up all importance of Content Outlining, here are the factors why you should summarize a content before jump right into creation:
An outline helps to give a high-level overview of what you wish to cover like topic and subtopics.
With detailed outlines helps keep your content more organized and structured.
A summary will help to fill the material difference that could be topic, sub-topic, essential measures, and approaches. Before you write a single word, an outline ensures that if you pay keywords or maybe not in your entire content.

The way to outline articles?
Well, I hope you're knowledgeable about the surface of articles outlining, its significance, and why you require effective content generation? Now, its time to get somewhat closer on the ideal method to draft content before jumping on composing. I have tested this process for a long time and it works like a charm. So let's get started:

Brainstorm your target subject
Gather and Create Content Ideas
Properly Structure Your Content
Now It is time to strike the keyboard!
Brainstorm your target topic

Today it's time to jump onto a subject you would like to write on. Whether it can be a case study, sales letter, blog posts, or even a research paper, and be sure to conceptualize your subject first.
Brainstorming subjects using tool answerthepublic

You may also dive dipper to your target topics using websites such as AnswherThePublic, Quora, Reddit. AnswerThePublic is a great content thoughts tool which will help to give you a much better insight into what people are inquiring about your topic? Likewise, Quora and Reddit can be useful for creating tons of topic ideas on your niche.

Brainstorming subjects using quora
Brainstorming may include:
Finding topic

Writing down all thoughts
Considering what readers need in your articles

Finalizing a topic usually comes after imagining. In this stage, you need to make sure what's your ultimate subjects, what you're going to write, and what exactly you want to deliver.
Ensure the topic and create a title to express it. Let us say you want to write a manual on Technical SEO. Your title ought to be something like"Technical SEO: Everything You Need To Know." All outlines should reflect a topic sentence that summarizes the total idea of this content. A subject or name should be brief, specific, and grammatically correct.

Collect and Create Main Content Ideas
The gist here is to think of a listing of essential ideas which you're planning to present in your entire piece of content. Gathering content thoughts can include like statistics, a debate, often asked a query, sources list, or it could even add subtopic on how to do something.

This really is the way I gather main content thoughts before writing so I could later write like a boss.
Collecting Content Suggestions in a Google Docs
Listing your main content thoughts enhances to fill the overall content gap and makes your articles exciting and complete.

Properly Construction Your Content
Example showing an SEO optimized content outline for keyword

Whether you are writing blog articles, sales letters, product descriptions, or even study papers, make sure to structure your content based on topic and subtopics.
For Example, if I'm on writing merchandise description, I would structure my content following a top-down approach which would look similar to:
Introduction (Describing exactly what the item does and who needs it most)

Conclusion(Overview + Call to action)

Pro Tips: make certain to keep heading in hierarchical order. In addition, heading tags provide google a strong sign to rank better.
Now It's time to hit the keyboard!

Well, I hope I covered essential things before writing killer content. And I am certain that you are familiar with all actions mentioned previously. Go on a flow, compose according to a detailed outline.
Besides, I do have a little bit of exercise for you. After conclusion, just evaluates how long does it takes to write, how easy do you feel while writing comparing writing without outlining vs. content that is outlined? I bet outline content works like a charm.

The most important difference between the outlined content and content that is generic is that the first is nicely written with appropriate structuring and formatting. And the second one is written without realizing the aim of these readers. Do not fall in this a mousetrap. Create a habit of outlining content before writing. I bet over the time you'll find the pace and slowly master the art of writing SEO optimized content.
Happy Reading
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