How Can You Differentiate Between a Good and a Bad White Label SEO Company?

Posted March 4, 2021 by SarahAddyson

Using the white label SEO method to provide SEO services is one of the best alternatives on the market.
You Need to Check the Content of Your White Label SEO Partner’s Website! 
Using the white label SEO method to provide SEO services is one of the best alternatives on the market. But if you want to have success using it, then you need to be able to easily differentiate between a bad SEO agency and a reliable one. Why? Because you will need to choose one to collaborate with. And if you make the wrong choice, then the chances are very high that the project will be a failure. On the other hand, if you can find the right agency, then the success chances of the project will raise dramatically. There are several things that you need to check at a white label SEO company before you start a collaboration. And the first factor that you need to consider is the content posted on the agency’s website. There are several things that you will be able to deduce from the content. 
•    Truthfulness. The first thing that you can find out is how trustworthy the agency is. How so? Well, you can check the veracity of the content posted on the website. And if everything that you find there is true, then it is obvious that the agency can be trusted. It does not exaggerate, nor does it lie. So, there is no reason which should not trust this type of agency. But the opposite can also be true. You can find if the white label SEO company lies and so, you can avoid it in the future. 
•    Value provided. Another factor that you need to check is the value that the white label SEO agency provides through the content posted on its website. The more value the agency provides, the better. Why? Because your clients will get content of similar quality that also provides similar levers of value. And that means that your clients will be satisfied with the services provided by the agency. 
•    Easy to understand. But the content used by the agency must also be easy to understand. Keep in mind that SEO is a complex field. So, many agencies post articles that are very hard to understand by those that have no idea about SEO. But this type of content should be avoided. The articles should be easy to understand by everyone. All the visitors will be satisfied, and the conversion rate will increase. 
Research the Past Results Posted by the White Label SEO Agency! 
The second part that you need to research while searching for a reliable white label SEO company is the past results produced by the agency. In most cases, a white label SEO agency will post the results that they produced for their clients on a section of their website. So, all you need to do is to visit that section and check the results. But there are several factors that you need to keep in mind while you do this check. 
•    Only consider the results newer than 6 months. You need to know that the SEO field depends on the algorithm used by search engines. And they evolve very fast. That also means that most methods used by a white label SEO company 6 months ago may not be able to produce the same results in the present. Although that is not always true, if you have no knowledge about SEO or the methods used by the agency, then you need to consider this factor. So, you should only check the results produced in the past 6 months. 
•    Try to find results from companies in the same industry as your clients. The ideal situation is to find results from companies that are in the same industry as your clients. Why? Because you will get an idea about the capabilities of the agency in those industries. Keep in mind that some SEO agencies can produce much better results in some industries than in others. It depends on the experience that an agency has in that industry. But the difference is not very high. So, if you find a reliable agency, do not avoid it only because you didn’t find results from companies in the same industries as your clients.  
•    Check the quality of the results. Lastly, you can make a comparison between 2 or more agencies and find out which results are the best ones. Of course, to do this properly, you may need to learn some theory about SEO. So, you should spend a day or two learning as much knowledge as possible about SEO. 
Try to Contact the Past and Current Clients of the White Label SEO Company! 
The last part of your research should be the reviews of the SEO companies. Although most SEO agencies post reviews from their clients on their websites, it is a much better alternative to find the contact information of the clients and call them yourself. So, you should follow the simple step mentioned below for each white label SEO company  and find the essential information from the agency’s clients. 
•    Find them in the reviews on the agency’s website. The first thing is to find the clients’ identity. In most cases, you need to find the name of the websites. And that would be enough to go to the next step. Of course, you should do this part of the search if you are interested in the company and want to start a collaboration. You can consider it as the last test. 
•    Find contact information online. If you have the name of the website, it will be very easy to use the internet and get the contact information of the company. With deeper research, you may even be able to speak with the company’s CEO. Keep in mind that your goal is to find details about the white label SEO agency. So, you need to speak to a relevant person in the company. 
•    Check the reliability of the agency and create your own expectations. The last step is to speak with several clients of each SEO agency that interests you. And find out how reliable the agency is and how good are the results that it produced. 
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