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Posted July 9, 2020 by SarahAddyson

Individuals who understand how important content is to their online success have a lot to gain. It makes sense to invest in creating new content but how can you make sure it delivers the expected results?
Individuals who understand how important content is to their online success have a lot to gain. It makes sense to invest in creating new content but how can you make sure it delivers the expected results? How can you assess your content strategy and see what you should change or improve? To do that you need a SEO audit that focuses on the content you create. There are agencies that offer SEO content audit that will analyze your content and see how it performs.

What Type of SEO Audit Do You Need?

Creating and distributing new content is not enough to improve your online visibility. A common mistake most website owners make is that they ignore old content instead of updating it and reusing it. This is because they do not know that this is an efficient technique, one that brings great value. It is important to conduct SEO audit for content purposes on a regular basis to identify content that needs to be improved and that can be reused.

Website owners hire agencies to perform SEO audit for different reasons; some of them want to focus on the technical aspects of their website, on accessibility because they do not like how fast their pages load and they know how much this hurts their online business; others are interested on audits that are centered on assessing link building strategies, on identifying broken links, bad links and so on; others want to prioritize content and they have their website audited just so that they can see how effective their content strategy is. There are also those who want an audit that deals with all of these aspects, an audit that will offer them an accurate overview of their website.

Regardless of which category you belong to, what matters is that you understand that the objective of an audit is to provide a systematic analysis of your website, to reveal its strengths and its weaknesses. A professional audit is a valuable tool, especially when website owners understand its importance and intend to do what is recommended to optimize their websites.

Why SEO Content Audit?

Do you invest a great deal of money in content creation for your website and you would like to know if it works? The only way to see how well your content performs is to resort to a professional SEO content audit that will assess all the content you have on your website. This is a complex process, one that requires time and before you hire an agency to help you with this, you should consider your goals. What do you expect from your content analysis? What is its major goal?

You can have an audit to:
• Improve your search engine results and make sure your efforts are in the right direction
• Attract more users and increase engagement- to do so you will have to identify which content is engaging for your target audience, which topics that are relevant to your business are popular and so on
• Improve conversion rate- some of your web pages offer a better experience than others; you can use them to see which content generates the most leads

Moving on, it is useful to know that all the content available on your website can be assessed, whether we are talking about blog posts, news, product descriptions, video, PDF and so on. Data collection takes time and patience and this is why it is best to opt for a professional SEO content audit . there are many content related issues that can impact its success such as the content’s relevance to titles, page load time and so on.

Specialists in this field will assess all the content on your website and they will tell you which one should be kept, this is content that is relevant and does not have to be updated, which content should be updated, this refers to outdated information or content that does not perform the way it should and which content should be deleted. There is content that does not perform at all and that should be deleted and this is content with no recent views. Poor content that includes poorly written articles or articles that are too short should also be deleted.

How to Make the Most of SEO Content Audit

When you have a clear idea of the content available on your website the first thing you will have to do is prioritize your actions. This means that you have to look for ways to improve SEO results such as adding links to an article. There are numerous things you can to do upgrade your content strategy:
• You can reuse existing content and publish it in a different format
• Rewrite existing content
• Expand short articles
• Structure your articles so that they rank better for featured snippets
• Add videos and images to the existing content
• Inform Google about all the updates you make

The whole point of having SEO content audit is to see how you can improve your content, to see what your competitors do better than you. Content audits are valuable tools provided they are done right and their imprtance should not be ignored. Such an audit can help you steer your content strategy in the right direction and it offers you great insight and the best value for your money.

Overall, SEO audit done for content purposes is a necessity, especially for businesses that invest in content marketing on a regular basis. Why should you spend money on articles every month when you do not know how well they perform? How do you expect your products to sell if your product descriptions are poor? There are so many things you can do to make sure that your content performs at its best and a professional audit will help you with that. Do not hesitate to invest in such an audit because it will pay off and it will show you how to improve your overall content strategy.
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