What Are Custom Granny Flats in Sydney and Why Build Them

Posted December 16, 2022 by SarahAddyson

No one says they have enough space in their homes and they could not do something else if they had some extra room.
At any point, it is rewarding to have a home office, studio, workshop, recreational space, guest house, or extra living space for a family member. This is where custom granny flats in Sydney come into the discussion. These constructions are highly versatile and have many purposes. In fact, you can generate an income if you decide to rent them.

Building a granny flat takes some work and investment, but working closely with the best granny flat builders from Sydney is easier. They have the necessary experience in the field, have many plans to choose from, will guide you through the process, and will help you obtain the necessary permits. In the meantime, imagine what you will do with the extra space, its purpose, and how you will furnish and decorate it.

Why Build Custom Granny Flats in Sydney

Granny flats refer to homes designed to accommodate a person. They usually include a kitchen, toilet, and sleeping area. Many people build them to accommodate an elderly relative. They don’t want to put them in a residential home, but at the same time don’t want to give up their personal space. To make a compromise, people build custom granny flats in Sydney https://brickwoodhomes.com.au/granny-flats/ and keep the relative close while at the same time living comfortably without sacrificing the space in their home.

These constructions have many sizes and styles, and in some cases, if you have a spacious garage, you can convert it into a granny flat. In other cases, you can think about building an entirely different structure, separate from the main building. This means building the foundation, walls, roof, and all amenities inside. Knowing the regulations in your area helps you make the best decision so you don’t reach a dead end.

There is no need to think about custom granny flats in Sydney as destined only for the elderly because there are so many other purposes for these constructions. If your child has grown into a young adult but is not yet ready to fly out of the nest, help them put some money aside while having the necessary independence. Do you have guests over regularly? Perhaps a guest house is more suitable, and in this case, you can provide the necessary space to someone that comes by often and requires some more space.

Why Hire the Best Granny Flat Builders from Sydney

Whenever you build something, no matter the size of the project, you should always make sure to hire the best granny flat builders in Sydney https://brickwoodhomes.com.au/granny-flats/. You want the project to be in good hands and finalized in time. This happens when you collaborate with highly specialized professionals who know how to design the plan and respect the deadline.

Not everyone is familiar with granny flats, but this does not mean that you must settle with anyone and compromise the construction. There are so many benefits involved, as the extra living space always comes in handy. Buying a bigger house or getting a second home are considerable investments, and not everyone has the necessary money. Why not use the space you already have and build an additional dwelling?

The initial investment

At first, everyone needs to invest in custom granny flats in Sydney, but the return on investment is also considerable. There are rental opportunities, and you can get much money back. This is an extra income for many people because they rent the dwelling and keep the rent to cover the investment costs or any other debts they have. Who wouldn’t like to have some extra money?

Also, the property value increases due to the extra living space. At some point, perhaps you want to sell the house, and you can obtain much more on it because of the granny flat you have on your property. Potential buyers will always be drawn to such houses since they need the space and start planning to use it. Custom granny flats in Sydney can be designed to meet your needs specifically, depending on the available space and your budget.

Space needed

The space required for a granny flat depends on the type you need and how many bedrooms you want if you want it on one level or two. The flat will be added next to the main house if you want an extension. This means they share a wall, and you can even connect it to the house. The detached type is entirely separated from the house and can be positioned far from it on the same land. The best granny flat builders in Sydney know which style suits your resources the best.

As for the price, several factors influence the total value. What type of materials you use matters, as the size of the dwelling, if there are any challenges and complexities, such as uneven surface, cost of labor, and if building permits are necessary. Of course, there are ways to finance the construction, and you can take a loan. If you rent the flat, later on, you will pay it back in no time.

Upgrade Your Home

If you want to upgrade your living conditions or create additional space for someone to live close by, count on the best granny flat builders in Sydney. They have the necessary knowledge and access to resources to stand at your disposal and finalize the project in time. No matter your budget and what materials you choose, you will have someone by your side who obtains everything on your behalf.

When you have the space and the ideas, the best granny flat builders in Sydney make it all happen. You can ask for examples with the previously done projects to better understand what granny flats can turn out like, how they can improve your life, and what you can do with the available space. Always check their experience in the field, certifications, quotes, and feedback from previous clients.
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