When Should You Use Direct Thermal Labels?

Posted December 7, 2020 by SarahAddyson

2 methods are most used for the printing of labels. You can either use a direct thermal printer or the thermal transfer one.
Situations Where You Need Barcode Printer Labels for Direct Transfer!

2 methods are most used for the printing of labels. You can either use a direct thermal printer or the thermal transfer one. Both of them have different methods through which they print. There are many uses for both the direct thermal labels and the thermal transfer ones. But the barcode printer labels made with the direct thermal method is better for temporary uses. The 3 most common uses are:

• Shipping labels. If your company delivers the products ordered by your clients, then you will need to use temporary labels. Keep in mind that once products are delivered, it does not matter anymore if the state of the labels starts to deteriorate. So, it is a much better alternative to use labels made through the direct thermal method.
• Receipts. Every receipt that your company provides also has temporary use. After a limited period, your clients will no longer need them. So, the method that is almost always used to create them is the direct thermal one. Keep in mind that this method does not require ink. So, you will never need to worry about changing it. Also, the size of these printers is very small, and they are ideal for the creation of receipts.
• Nametags. This type of label can be used for both your employees and your products. And in both cases, the duration of their use is limited. Even if your employees work in your company for long periods, you can easily print another nametag for them. But for products, you can organize them more easily through the use the temporary nametags. Doing that will streamline some of the processes of your company and increase its efficiency.

What Are the Main Characteristics of the Direct Thermal Labels?

Now that you know the main uses for https://www.printerlabelstore.co.uk/direct-thermal-labels/ direct thermal labels , you may wonder, why are they better than the thermal transfer ones in these circumstances? Well, the characteristics of this type of label make them the best alternative for temporary uses. But if you need labels for long-term use, then they are a very bad choice. The 3 most prominent characteristics are:

• Heat sensitive. The direct thermal printing process is based on heat. The printer will directly print the information through the heat. But this also means that the barcode printer labels must be more heat-sensitive than other alternatives. So, depending on the temperature and the light levels that it is exposed to, it can deteriorate much faster than other types of labels. And this is the main reason for which they are only used for temporary purposes.
• Only black. Another downside of this type of label is the fact that only black color can be printed. So, if you need to use other colors, then you will have to use another printing method. And this also limits the usage of the direct thermal labels even more. But even if these downsides are present, these labels are still extremely used. Why? Because they have one big advantage when compared with other alternatives.
• Low costs. The big advantage of these labels is the lower printing costs. Firstly, the price of these labels is much smaller than the ones that use thermal transfer. Also, the printing itself does not need any ink or other materials. So, the cost of production of these labels will remain extremely low. This is why a big company will most likely need both types of printers and labels. And for that, you will need to find a reliable shop from which you can purchase them.

How to Find a Reliable Shop from Where You Can Buy Barcode Printer Labels!

The best alternative nowadays is to use the internet and find an online shop that sells https://www.printerlabelstore.co.uk/ barcode printer labels . There are also other methods that you can use. But the advantages of this one makes it the best alternative that you can use. There are 3 reasons for which you should search a reliable online shop from which to purchase all the labels that you need.

• Lower prices due to high-competition. Almost every online industry has very high competition. And the main result is that the prices are kept low. So, you will be able to keep the costs of your company to a minimum. But the prices of the labels are not the only factor that you should consider. Other factors matter as well. For example, the quality of the labels can differ. And if the quality is too low, then you will spend a lot more money than if you bought them from another shop that has slightly more expensive prices. It is in your best interest to make a thorough research before you chose a shop. And then you will always be able to purchase the labels from them.
• A large variety of products. The second advantage that online shopping has is the large variety of products that you can find. Keep in mind that there are many different types of printers on the market. In many cases, the sizes and materials of the labels are different. And they can’t be used for other printer models. So, the first thing that you should do while visiting an online shop is to make sure that the shop sells the type of direct thermal labels that you need. Otherwise, you should just look for another shop. A shop with a large variety of products can be useful in the long term. Why? Well, you may change your printer, and you will need a new type of label. The chances that the shop has that type of label depends on the variety of products that it sells.
• Save time and effort. You will not need more than an hour to find a reliable online shop. And after that, you will only need a few minutes to place an order. Compared with any other method that you could use, this one is the fastest. So, you will save a lot of time. Also, the shop will ship the labels to your company, and you will not need to spend any effort.
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