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Evidence Based Practice and Quadrable Aims
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Evidence-based Practice (EBP) entails a well-structured approach of solving healthcare deliveries that are aimed at integrating recommendable evidence hailing from a properly constituted research works that ease the clinician’s proficiency and the preferences or values that have been obtained from a patient (Freeley, 2017). EBP has been found to improve the safety and the quality of healthcare and thereby enhancing health outcomes, reducing the costs of performing medical practice, and decreasing geographical variation in health care. The seven strategic approaches aids in improving patients care experience i.e. worth and gratification. Integrating evidence-based practices and the quadruple in the health sector would result in improved health of the larger population in the sense that it has as a well-calculated approach that can reduce the per capita cost of the healthcare unit. Additionally, the quadruples would account for a precondition that necessitates restoration of joy at workplace which ought to result from psychological and physical freedom which in turn shuns any possibility of harm, negligence and disrespect (Rishi, Julianne and Lucian, 2015).
EBP could be regarded as a sole source that can be utilized in realizing the aim of quadruple. In instances when the nurses and other healthcare providers seem to acquire burnout symptoms, EBP can be incorporated as an empowerment tool. According to research, quadruple’s aim is to attain the commendable comfort and joy of the health workers in pursuing a healthy population and equity. The insertion of EBP strategies in attaining a healthy population is aimed at providing the nurses and other medical practitioners with scientific studies that can thereby enhance well-founded decision making. Through EBP, nurses would be fortified with the capacity to access updated novel medical etiquettes for the intended therapeutic care (Freeley, 2017). EBP could as well be utilized in evaluating research that helps nurses to understand and appreciate the effectiveness as well as the perils associated with diagnostic treatments and tests. Evidence-based practices hence enable nurses to incorporate their patients in their care schedule.
Application of EBP would on the other hand help patients in playing a proactive role since they air their concerns and grievances in regards to their healthcare and thereby sharing their preferences and values by suggesting how they want to be handled all through (Mazurek, 2016).The introduction and execution of EBP strategies would aid in bettering the patient outcomes which, on the other hand, would result in a decreased demand for healthcare resources. It could thus aid the healthcare enterprise in reducing their expenses and hence channel the resources to other demanding sectors of health. For instance, the outdated protocols might have included deliveries, products, or equipment that are no longer essential for selected healthcare techniques and procedures (Mazurek, 2016).
The aim of the quadruple approach to the healthcare system is to decline clinicians’ burnout and improve their work life (Rishi, Julianne and Lucian, 2015). Since the EBP could upshot satisfaction in the higher-level jobs and empowerment of the clinicians, it can also assist the healthcare systems in realizing the aim of Quadruple. Nevertheless, regardless of the tremendous promising outcomes of EBP, it has barriers that shield it from being set as the standardized healthcare system (Privis Health, 2019). The vivid barriers that curtail EBP from being standardized as the best healthcare mode of delivering health-based procedures entail a lack of adequate EBP skills and knowledge by the nurses and other affiliated medical practitioners. The prevailing environments and cultures have failed to support EBP and hence rendering it less applicable in the healthcare systems (Privis Health, 2019). Acceleration of EBP is being held at a standstill due to diverse misconceptions that entails it would consume too much time to implement. Outdated policies and politics would make it a hurdle for EBP to take the intended course since they limit tools and resources for the point of care benefactors, inclusive of EBP’s budgetary by the chief nurse administrators.
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