What is the SEO strategy?

Posted July 13, 2022 by seowebdaran

A SEO marketing strategy in Iran is a comprehensive...
The three main components of a strong seo
To optimize a site, you need to improve the ranking factors in three areas - setting up a technical website, content and links. So, let's go through them.
Technical setup
To rank your website, there must be three things:
First, a search engine must find your pages on the web.
Then, they have to scan them to understand their topics and identify their keywords.
And finally, it has to add them to its list - a database of all the content it has found on the web. This way, its algorithm can consider your website for displaying relevant data.
Simple looks, not that? Certainly, nothing is worrying. After all, because you can go to your site without any problems, then Google should be right too?
Unfortunately, there is a fishing. A web page looks different for you and the search engine. You see it as a set of graphics, color, text with its formatting and links.
To a search engine, this is nothing but text.
As a result, any elements that cannot be invisible to the search engine in this way. And so, even though your website seems good, Google may make its content unavailable.
Let me show you an example. Here's how a regular search engine sees one of our articles. If you want to compare it with the principle, this is one.
How are dead or broken -out links?
There is no dead link to a visitor to a page. A broken redirection refers to a source that may not be there anymore. Both experiences provide poor user experiences, but also prevent search engines from entering your content.> SEO and robots.txt articles
The site map is a simple file that lists all the URLs on your site. Search engines use it to identify pages for crawling and cataloging. On the other hand, a robots.txt file tells the search engines what content is for cataloging (eg, specific policy pages you don't want to appear in search.) To speed up your crawling and profile content .
Copy content
The pages contain the same or completely similar content to the search engines. They often seem to be almost impossible to display each of these pages. If search engines find them, your website can be punished. For this reason, search engines see copy content as a negative factor.
A prominent source
How to do a SEO technical audit
2. Content
For example, every time you use the search engine, you are looking for content - information about a particular problem or problem.
True, this content may be in different formats. This can be text, like a blog post or a web page. But it can also be a movie, product recommendation and even a business list.
It's all content
And for SEO, this is something that helps to get more search search.
Here are two reasons why:
First, content is what customers want when searching. Regardless of what they are looking for, this is its content. And the more you publish it, the more your chances of seeing more.
Also, search engines use content to determine how a page rank. This is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcommunicating between a page and the query of the person we talked about before.
They determine the subject while crawling a page. The analysis of elements such as the length of the plate or its structure helps them evaluate its quality. According to this information, search algorithms can match the person's query with the pages that are most important.
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