Evaporator Coil Is An Important Part Of Air Conditioner

Posted April 23, 2022 by shanhe

Evaporator Coils Are Especially Good At Absorbing Heat
Evaporator coils are an essential part of any heating or cooling system. It's often found in air conditioners because it's especially good at absorbing heat as air passes through it. These coils look like a series of pipes. A furnace, central air conditioner, or other air conditioning unit passes household air through a coil, which absorbs the heat from the air and sends it back indoors as cool air through a series of air ducts. The two main components of an air conditioner are usually the condenser and the evaporator coil.
Evaporator coils can be installed in any heating or cooling system, such as an air conditioner.
The combination of a central furnace and air conditioner usually has the condenser and evaporator coils tightly coupled together. These units can use condensers to heat the air or switch to coils to cool the dwelling. These coils are usually placed on top of or next to air conditioning units, and in North America, there are three common types of evaporator coils: vertical, cased, and caseless.
Vertical coils are best for handling up or down airflow. It treats the pretreated air and condenses the heat from this airflow in the form of water. After the condensation process is over, the vertical coil directs the resulting water into the drain, thereby reducing humidity. Shell coils have a protective housing and are one of the most commonly used models in North American homes. Like vertical coils, they handle up or down. Airflow, which uses coolant to attract hot air, leaving only cooler air. This cold air is returned to the home after passing through the air conditioning ducts. Shelled evaporator coils function almost identically to vertical coils, but their main difference is shape and size. Depending on the type and configuration of air conditioning equipment or furnace used, one model may be more suitable for installation than another.
The third common type of coil is the uncased coil, which is a version of a sheathed coil minus its protective casing. A shellless evaporator coil is easier to customize. They are a great choice with unique furnace or air conditioning units because technicians can reconfigure the coil shape to fit the equipment in question.
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