Why Should You Join Sharp Bunnies NFT? What Are The Benefits?

Posted February 2, 2022 by sharpbunnies

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are growing at a faster rate than anything we have seen for a long time.
NFTs or non-fungible tokens are growing at a faster rate than anything we have seen for a long time. Only just about a couple of years back, not many people were aware of the term NFT, and now everyone seems to want to invest in them. However, with the growing popularity, the number of new NFTs in the market is also growing.

So, how do you choose the right NFT where you can make good profits or get long-term value from it? Well, let me tell you about SharpBunnies — an excellent NFT project that offers you more than just a token.

What are Sharp Bunnies?

Sharp Bunnies are 9999 exclusive, programmatically generated unique images of cute bunnies. The same are available on sale via NFTs and can be minted on the official website, that is www.sharpbunnies.com.

Why should you buy Sharp Bunnies (NFT)

When you mint a Sharp Bunny NFT, you’ll receive the unique bunny digital image that you have purchased. Along with it, you get exclusive rights to use, print, resell the image or do whatever you want with it.

The ownership data of every Sharp Bunny NFT is safely stored in a highly secure IPFS file system, which is peer-to-peer and immutable like blockchain. It is easy to verify the ownership information of an NFT and anyone can see who owns a particular non-fungible token.

This is usually where the benefits and features of most NFTs end. But, Sharp Bunnies are different.
We are a community of passionate NFT creators, developers, investors and traders who don’t just want to trade NFTs for profit but are working on creating more use cases to benefit NFT buyers and holders.
Here are some of the benefits you get when you mint Sharp Bunnies.

Benefit #1 — Get a Lucky Egg with every Sharp Bunny!

For every Sharp Bunny you mint, you’ll receive a Lucky Egg. This is true for every user and for every new NFT minted in the system.

Benefit #2 — Play 2 Earn

NFT holders can participate in existing Play2Earn games to win $LUCK — a high-potential token that provides access to many upcoming features of the project and is your ticket to Sharp Bunnies Olympics-like events. In addition, NFT buyers can stake their bunnies to generate more $LUCK.

Benefit #3 — Raffle

This is a special surprise reward program, where 40 winners will be randomly selected and rewarded for every 100 NFTs minted. Everyone can win free ETH or USD.

Benefit #4 — Everyone’s a Winner!

There are no rules when it comes to minting the Sharp Bunnies NFTs. Anyone can mint them and receive rewards. Also, all the NFT buyers have an equal chance to win Raffle.

Benefit #5 — Trade Seamlessly on Exchanges

#LUCK token will be listed on exchanges, starting with Uniswap, where it can be traded against many popular cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Benefit #6 — High growth potential

Last but not the least benefit of investing in Sharp Bunnies is that the tokenomics is created with high growth potential. Regular games will be created and launched to help boost the token demand in the market, which will help increase its value and benefit the holders.

To further increase investors’ profits, the team will create merchandise using Sharp Bunnies artwork and sell it on popular websites, and the profits earned will be shared with NFT holders.
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