Bitcoin Alternative: How to Buy Ethereum in India at the Best Price?

Posted May 28, 2021 by Shiftal

If you are looking for how to buy Ethereum in India at the lowest price, you’re at the right place.
With more than 4,400 cryptocurrencies in the market today, it’s not difficult to find the bitcoin alternative. However, finding the right bitcoin alternative that fits the purpose of being both affordable and realistic is the key. Ethereum (ETH) has come to the close of being worthy to be called the best Bitcoin alternative. Not only is ETH a more stable cryptocurrency but also it has far more use cases than bitcoin. If you are looking for how to buy Ethereum in India at the lowest price, you’re at the right place.

Why do we need a bitcoin alternative?

As you may already know, bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. While this is a good thing, the increasing demand and price of Bitcoin have made it nearly impossible for everyone to afford it. Second, bitcoin is a digital currency and has zero or little uses beyond digital payments.

A bitcoin alternative is usually called an altcoin. The term is self-explanatory. It is any cryptocurrency that is created as an alternative to bitcoin, possibly to overcome one or multiple limitations of Bitcoin.

Why ETH is the Best Alternative to Bitcoin

Eth (Ether) is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain, which is a decentralized blockchain software that for the first time explored the possibility of using the blockchain beyond finance. The Ethereum blockchain was the first to introduce the concepts of smart contracts and Decentralized Applications (DApps), which made it possible for the blockchain to be used in third-party systems within and beyond finance.

One of the best benefits of ETH over Bitcoin is that the former can be used in virtually any place through its smart contracts and decentralized applications. As an open-source blockchain, Ethereum allows developers and businesses to build and launch their decentralized applications on the platform, which further helps expand the applications of blockchain technology.

Even for investment purposes, ETH is the best long-term alternative to Bitcoin. Also, it’s easy to buy now because of its low price compared to the BTC price.

How to Buy ETH at the Best Price in India

In India, the easiest way to buy ETH is through a crypto exchange. There are multiple exchanges that allow local investors to buy and trade cryptocurrencies in India.

But, did you know a traditional crypto exchange is usually not the best way to buy ETH? It might be the easiest way but is certainly not the best. Here’s why.

Traditional or fully centralized exchanges levy a significant commission for their services, which include managing the user funds, matching orders and processing them, protecting user data and funds, providing support, etc. In some cases, the commission you have to pay to a crypto exchange can go up to 2-5% per transaction.

So, what’s a better way to buy ETH at a low price?

Peer-to-peer crypto exchanges are usually the best option when you are looking to save money on transaction fees and want the flexibility to pay in your favorite or local currency.

For instance, the Shiftal P2P ETH exchange allows you to buy Ether directly from other users/sellers and pay using any of the available 70+ payment options, including UPI, bank transfer, cash, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay. Also, the trade fee on Shiftal is zero for users who do not post new ads.

In order to buy ETH on Shiftal, a user must first register on the Shiftal Exchange website and select their location and preferred payment option. After that, they can choose from the available ads to buy ETH at the lowest price and directly from a seller.

Buying ETH on Shiftal is completely secure and backed by Shiftal’s escrow service that keeps the fraudsters out of the system.

To know more about the process to buy ETH on Shiftal, visit

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