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Posted April 19, 2022 by shorthillscranialcenter

The flat head syndrome usually occurs when babies sleep with their heads turned to the same side for the first few months of life.
The flat head syndrome usually occurs when babies sleep with their heads turned to the same side for the first few months of life. This results in a flat spot, either on one side or on the back of the head. The most common cause of a flat head is the baby's sleeping position. Babies lie on their backs for hours each day, so sometimes their heads are flat in one place. This happens during sleep and in child car seats, bassinets, strollers, swings, and rocking chairs.

Premature babies are more likely to have flat heads, and their skulls are softer than those of full-term babies. They also spend a lot of time on their backs without being moved or lifted because of their medical needs, such as B., while staying in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Flathead syndrome can even begin before birth when pressure is applied to the baby's skull from the mother's pelvis or the twins. Many babies are born again with heads that have several flat spots. Contact us and get the best flathead treatment in New York today.

Helmet therapy is designed to slowly improve the shape of the baby's skull over time. The newborn head is a soft plate with slits. As the baby grows, these plates grow, gradually hardening and intertwining.

Sometimes when the baby sleeps in the same position, the soft panels may develop flat spots or an uneven appearance. This common condition is called plagiocephaly and is harmless to your baby's brain. If the state doesn't go away on its own, your paediatrician may recommend movement, exercise, or helmet therapy.

In other cases, the baby's skull plates are fused too quickly or unusually. This condition, craniosynostosis, may require surgical treatment, with or without a helmet, to correct the shape of the head. Secure your child from Flathead by getting the best infant helmet in New York from us today.

Skull sculpting helmets usually consist of a tough outer shell with a layer of foam. Gentle, constant pressure is applied to capture the natural growth of the baby's head while inhibiting growth in convex areas and allowing growth in flat areas.Adjustments are often made as your baby's head grows. Helmets provide a narrow circular space for the head to grow. Even if your child continues to support his head to one side, the helmet will provide cushioning to prevent further head flattening.

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