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Positional Plagiocephaly is a condition in which specific areas of the baby's head become unusually smooth in shape and appearance.
The soft spot can develop quickly over several months. The occipital lining flattens one side of the back and is often the result of the baby lying on his back. Physically, a baby may have one ear tilted forward. In more severe cases, the child may have a bulge on the forehead or cheek on the flat side of the head. In craniosynostosis, the deformity is caused by the premature closure of the fibrous joints between the bones of the baby's skull (called cranial sutures). A full investigation is needed to confirm or disprove this diagnosis.
What causes Plagiocephaly?
Get the best plagiocephaly treatment in new jersey. A small number of babies have Plagiocephaly at birth. That is more common in multiple or premature births, but it can also be caused by pregnancy in the womb. There is no preventive measure that pregnant mothers or their doctors can prevent. This condition usually goes away on its own after six weeks. Babies' skulls are too soft and flexible to smooth through the birth canal, so it is not uncommon for babies to have an abnormal head shape due to birth pressures. However, some children prefer to sleep or sit with their heads constantly turning in the same position, resulting in a hunched position. Babies with torticollis, a shortening of the muscles in the neck on one side of the neck, have difficulty turning their heads to another place. That can be resolved through stretching exercises and only requires surgery in severe cases.
Our mission is to be your competent contact for the education, prevention, and treatment of brain diseases in children. Let us advise you on the orthodontic treatment of skull deformities. In most cases, a flat area will not affect the baby's brain or mental development. When the child can sit and stand, the external forces disappear, and the deformity improves. While it may not completely disappear, any remaining straightening is usually light and covered in hair as the baby grows. Forehead differences are often minimal and completely dissipate over time. Sometimes special medical helmets can help treat this problem. If your baby suffers from this problem, order baby medical helmets in New York today.
However, when unresolved smoothing causes facial abnormalities, problems with chewing, eating, and vision can arise. Additionally, children may have difficulty socializing due to their confidence in appearance. In some severe cases, surgery may be required.

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