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Posted April 5, 2022 by shorthillscranialcenter

The skull comprises multiple bones held together by seams called sutures when a child is born.
The skull comprises multiple bones held together by seams called sutures when a child is born. The sutures must remain open if the brain continues to grow, enabling the crown to expand and adequately accommodate the growth of the brain. Craniosynostosis results in limited or distorted head growth.

Craniosynostosis,often referred to as synostosis or cranial stenosis, results in abnormal head shape and raised pressure inside the skull. Most cases of this condition involve a single suture. However, craniosynostosis associated with a genetic syndrome has a high chance of involvement of multiple sutures. There are different types of Craniosynostosis Treatment in New Jersey, such as:

Metopic synostosis is a condition where a metopic suture is located between the anterior fontanelle (soft spot) and the nose. Due to the early closure of this suture, it results in trigonocephaly or a triangularly shaped head.

Sagittal Craniosynostosis is a condition where the sagittal suture is located between the anterior fontanelle and the posterior fontanelle. Because of the early closure of this suture results in scaphocephaly, which means a boat-shaped head.

Coronal Craniosynostosis can occur on either side or may be bilateral. Infants will have an elevation of the eye socket, flattening the ridge of the eye and displacement of the nose on the affected side.

Lambdoid synostosis is one of the rarest types of craniosynostosis and occurs due to fusion in the lambdoid suture, which runs along the back of the head. Infants with lambdoid synostosis will develop a flattened head at the back.

It is common and normal for babies to have some flatness at the back of their heads due to their extended period of lying on their backs. This is known as positional plagiocephaly. However, it is essential to note that not all children with a flattened head at the back have lambdoid synostosis.

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