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Look at the brief analysis of the completely tempered glass fragments: according to the national standard
Shower room glass material selection criteria There are many kinds of glass, which can meet the different needs of different occasions. By adjusting the material and process of making glass, manufacturers can make the properties of the glass material change greatly, making it more stable and durable. For example, the commonly used tempered glass is not only stronger than ordinary glass, but also the fragments will not hurt people, and it is safe and reliable. This article will introduce the selection criteria of glass materials for shower rooms, explain the installation and construction steps of glass shower rooms, and deepen your understanding.

1. Selection criteria of glass materials for shower room ① Check whether the glass is transparent and whether there are any defects such as miscellaneous spots and bubbles. Brief analysis: The impurity of the glass material or the shortcomings of the process will make the glass have defects such as impurities and bubbles, and reduce the hardness and strength of the glass. ②See if there is 3c mark certification on the original glass. Brief analysis: 3c certification is the abbreviation of China's compulsory product certification, and shower room products cannot be sold without this mark. ③Look at the brief analysis of the completely tempered glass fragments: according to the national standard, the safe amount of tempered glass should reach more than 40 pieces per 50*50mm area

2. Installation and construction steps of glass shower room
1. Prepare the necessary tools.
2. Install the bottom basin: Combine the bottom basin parts, adjust the bottom basin level, and ensure that there is no water in the basin and the bottom of the basin. The hose can be extended and retracted with the distance to firmly connect the basin bottom with the floor drain. 3. Testing and protection: After installation, a water test is required to ensure that the water is unobstructed. Fourth, locate and drill holes: use a pencil and a spirit level to determine the drilling position of the aluminum material against the wall, and use an impact drill to drill the holes. 4. Install the aluminum material: Knock in the rubber particles at the drilled hole, and lock the aluminum strip to the wall with screws. 5. Fix the glass: clamp the glass to the bottom hole and fix it with screws. 6. Install the jacking pipe: find the corresponding position above the fixed glass to drill holes, install the (straight/inclined) fixing seat and connect the jacking pipe.

Secure it to the top of the glass with an elbow sleeve. 7. Install the shelf: install the shelf at the exact position, tighten the nut of the laminate, fix the glass of the laminate, and keep it vertical and horizontal. Note that waterproofing is done under the aluminum that holds the glass. 8. Install the movable door: install the hardware of the movable door, and install the hinge at the reserved hole of the fixed door. After installation, adjust the position of the axis of the lotus leaf until it feels good when closing the door. 9. Do a good job of waterproofing: install suction strips or water-retaining strips on the side or under the glass as required. Use silicone to seal the joints between aluminum and wall, glass and bottom basin. 10. Debugging and tightening: Check whether each part is comfortable and smooth to use, and adjust it in time if any problem is found. After adjustment, tighten the corresponding screws to make the entire shower room more solid. 11. Finishing work: clip the decorative aluminum strips into the wall-mounted aluminum material to ensure its appearance is neat and generous, and then wipe the entire shower room with a rag.
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