Wild Beast Migration in Tanzania

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Traveling to Tanzania is no bad time as each season provides something special with both the dry season and the wet season providing completely different safari experiences.
Tanzania is Africa 's best wildlife safaris as Animal Lover Wants To Get to Top Safari Destinations. You came with some hopes when you were heading to Tanzania on a safari. Tanzania's safari guide is the company selected to be a highly qualified and certified game spotter. The Guide explains so much about game animals and their natural environments to the inexperienced adventurer. An excellent safari guide would make the safari trip even better.

Go off the beaten track with a Tanzania safari and discover the Ngorongoro Crater's natural wonder on foot, or relax on Zanzibar's pristine beaches. With a host of high-quality facilities, ensuring your Tanzania Wildlife Safari Tours package offers an unforgettable experience is easy to make.

The first safari in Tanzania contains the Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti, meaning 'endless plains' in the Masai language, is one of Africa's most famous parks, renowned for its annual Great Migration when an estimated three million antelopes – mainly wildebeest – migrate to Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya.

Guests should expect to see an amazing number of animals in the Serengeti, from tigers, leopards and cheetahs to elephants, hippos and, if you're lucky, a black rhino.

Also you can expect to see a variety of buck and buffalo on this safari trip to Tanzania, as well as giraffes, hyenas and wild dogs.

The landscape here is thornbush savanna, home to a large number of species of plants such as Acacia Senegal, Bermuda grass, Baobabs and Elephant grass.

As part of the Tanzania safari packages, a guided trip to Serengeti provides a wide range of safari tours including experiencing the great migration, visits to Masai villages, and hot-air balloon trips.

Kilimanjaro Mt.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak, is not simply a mountain but a stratovolcano that started to develop about a million years ago. Every year about 30.000 people climb Kilimanjaro and about three-quarters of those climbers reach the summit.

This climb is fairly safe and due to altitude-related problems or harsh weather near the peak most climbers who don't summit struggle to do so.

Kilimanjaro is home to a variety of different habitats, ranging from tropical woodland, savannah and desert to mountain forests, subalpine plants and the alpine range.

Blue monkeys, olive baboons, civets, leopards, mongoose and bush pigs are amongst the animals in this region. There are also aardvarks and honey badgers, though they are hard to find because they are nocturnal.

There are many other ways to visit this area apart from climbing Kilimanjaro, including walks, wildlife watching, and game drives.

Crystal Ngorongoro

All safari trips to Tanzania will include a visit to the Ngorongoro Crater, the largest intact volcanic caldera in the world and the best place to see the Big Five. In the crater live about 25,000 large animals like the endangered black rhino. Activities here include game watching, cycling, trekking, Olduvai Gorge excursions, and visiting the Masai and other tribes.

Thus, browse through some of the below Best Tanzania safari packages provided by top Tanzania safari tour operators and now schedule a trip to Tanzania to enjoy an unforgettable safari!

Must have a piece of clothing, since the safari is a hat

One of Tanzania's other Best Wildlife Safaris Every Animal Lover Needs To Take, Hat is a nice fashion feature to have and looks good on videos, but it's typically completely unpractical. It is windy during the game drive and you have to be vigilant so it doesn't float out. The jeep has the roof and your head just isn't under the sun.

If you're very lucky, the lion's going to come your path.

The truth about a Tanzanian Safari is the country with the highest lion population in Africa, so there's a high chance you'll see a lion come up close in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro National Park. We saw 7 of them feeding next to the road on our last game drive, two lions mating up between the jeeps and one of them peeing on our jeep. And never do you know.

Knew that Simba means lion in the Swahili language? ýý

Another Best Tanzanian Wildlife Safaris Every Animal Lover Wants To Take! In Tanzania the largest number of lions is in Africa. One of the myths we have is that when we came on a safari, there was no way out. The most insane moment was when the lions between the jeeps began steaming before an enthusiastically tickling audience. Moments earlier the lion rode the wheel of the jeep like a dog marking its territory.


You can see us shooting zebras, gazelles, a lioness mother tossing her cubs off a cliff, a lion running away from an angry cheetah mother, a lion eating and holding a bison captured from hyenas. I never dreamed scenes that I would see live. ýý

Tanzania National Parks are close to each other.

Truth:-national park's vegetation, scenery, animals and all the experience are exceptional. You can pick what you'd like to see according to your tastes. A savannah or the forest, more lions or hippos, but I recommend you see them all.

Tarangire, you can go for baobab trees, vervet monkeys and giraffes, walking safari to Tanzania, game drive to wildlife.
Serengeti, you will go for lions , leopards, limitless plains and the savannah of Africa.

Ngorongoro Crater, you can go for nature's wonder and spectacular wildlife safaris staying in the volcano crater in Tanzania.

Lake Manyara, you can go and see all the animals drinking water together, swimming buffalo in the marsh and more than 500 species of birds live in this national park.

Lake Eyasi you'll visit Hadzabe and Datoga for Tanzania Safari and Pure Cultural Experience.


If you go to Africa, I'm going to be hungry with 5 kilos less coming back.

Truth is, food would be great on the Tanzanian safari with the agency FootSlopes. You'll have a personal chef, a selection of regular dishes and they've all been very good. You can typically choose from a few choices for each meal-potatoes, noodles, rice, chicken , fish. All is yummy! You 're going to eat better than you're going to eat at home-3 meals per day with fresh food.

Knew you could sleep in the heart of the Serengeti National Park during the safari?

Tents or lodges of luxury-you pick! Waking up in the middle of the wild is one of the best experiences you might have. Find out more about our accommodation here ... Get ready! A new journey awaits you

Month after month of Tanzania safari

Planning to go on tours and holidays in African safari would be a pleasure to see the Big Cats. Accessible all year round for your summer trip in Tanzania.

Tanzania is consistently voted as one of Africa 's best Wildlife Safaris destinations and is a safari destination throughout the year. Traveling to Tanzania is no bad time as each season provides something special with both the dry season and the wet season providing completely different safari experiences.

The skies are clear during the dry season, the days are warm and you can see the raw sun sucking the moisture

Tanzania's best time for a safari is during the dry season, from July to October. Throughout the country the weather conditions are favourable during this period; both for road access and wildlife abundance for viewing. Discover our safari kit on wildlife in Tanzania here. Safaris of Tanzania in January, February, March, April, Spring, June, July, August, September, October , November and December! Safari with hot air balloon

Thinking about adding a hot air balloon to your safari in Tanzania? Fly into the sky far above, just enough to see the stunning Tanzania scenery below. The Serengeti balloon safari is special among the most famous tour in Tanzania. Look at the animals from a friendly distance as you softly float upon the clear horizon. Then in the morning, extravagance from a view that you would never imagine. If you've got no fear of heightsFree Web Content then a balloon safari from Tanzania is perfect for you!

Some things are worth waking up early and this is one of them for sure. A hot-air balloon ride 's wonderful experience is enhanced by performing it over the spectacular scenery and wildlife view of Serengeti National Park several times over.

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