Tips for Creating an Effective Ecommerce Website Design

Posted January 23, 2023 by solutionnexxt

Here are the top ten Tips.To help you create your online store, we've outlined the best ecommerce website design advice and case studies.
Web design is essential when creating an ecommerce website. A good ecommerce web design makes use of the right colours, fonts, images, words, and graphics to entice visitors to buy. Your ecommerce website design should entice potential customers, provide a positive user experience, and showcase your store in the best possible light.

This guide will teach you 10 ecommerce website design tips to help you reach more customers. You’ll learn about various techniques and ideas that can help your business grow and convert into more sales.

Tips For Designing An Attractive Ecommerce Website Design
1.Keep it mobile-responsive

A large number of users will browse your site on their mobile devices. You will immediately lose that group of customers if your page is not mobile-responsive. As a result, our first piece of advice is to keep your store mobile-friendly.

A good website builder will automatically convert your website into mobile templates to ensure this. This is especially useful for ecommerce sites because it is entirely online. You want everyone to be able to shop with you equally.

2.Put your top products front-and-center

Your store’s most popular items should be highlighted. This could refer to products that sell the most, have the best customer reviews, or make you the most money.

Try emphasising them with contrasting colours, adjusting the layout or image size, and creating banners to promote these top products. You’ll make more sales if you can divert people’s attention away from the top products you want to promote. This is similar to creating a display around a top product or placing it at eye level on a store shelf.

3.Color inspires emotion

Long before the digital revolution, colours had a psychological impact on sales. Understanding the various types of emotions that colours can elicit allows you to design your eCommerce site to match specific feelings and vibes.

Color can be used to elicit specific emotions depending on your product and target audience. Green, for example, will complement the sense of nature if your store sells environmental products or produce.

4.Clear and beautiful photos

A thousand words are equivalent to a thousand pictures. This is a huge deal for an ecommerce site with little room for error. Your images should be sharp and detailed.

It’s also a good idea to take multiple photos of each product and create a slideshow for each product listing. Before deciding whether or not to buy a product, a customer may want to see it in action. This is especially true in clothing stores. Your images should be the focal point of your ecommerce store.

5.Remember SEO best practices

When it comes to your ecommerce website, the importance of SEO cannot be overstated. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a technique for moving up the list of search results. If you put a lot of effort into SEO, you’ll get more exposure, views, and a wider reach.

Three things stand out when it comes to SEO for ecommerce websites: use relevant keywords, write smart product descriptions, and take advantage of built-in tools.

6.Use a pop-up sign-up sheet

An immediate pop-up sign-up sheet is used by a large number of successful ecommerce websites. Why? It aids in re-marketing. Because some viewers are just doing preliminary searches, feeling out their options, and checking availability and pricing, re-marketing is essential.

You can engage the potential customer again after they’ve had time to consider their options if you collect their email addresses. A quick email from you may arrive at the right time, and they will choose your shop.

7.Make Your Pages Easy to Scan

Your website, like a blog post, should be scannable. Instead of large walls of text, your design should focus on graphics and photos that direct customers to different areas of your site.

Smaller blurbs, rather than long paragraphs, should be used for your “About” section and homepage. Feel free to write compelling descriptions for items on product pages, but include features as bullet points rather than lengthy paragraphs of copy.

8.Include Testimonials and Reviews

Customer feedback and reviews are essential for any online business! Customers will not have one-on-one interaction with you like they would at a local corner store. They must be aware that you exist and that you are worth purchasing from. Your social proof contributes to the trust factor.

Many eCommerce themes include customizable testimonial sections that can be added to your homepage. Product-specific reviews can also be added to the bottom of your product pages.

9.Use scannable content

Making your site easy to scan is another aspect of keeping it simple. A shopper does not want to waste time trying to figure out your store. They want to come in, shop, buy, and leave.

Use large headers to clearly identify the various sections of your store. If you sell multiple product categories, a user should be able to scan your site and see each category that may be of interest to them. Another method is to keep paragraphs short, use multiple header sizes, use bulleted or numbered lists, and include images.

10.Keep It Very Simple

Simplicity results in a cleaner, more user-friendly website that encourages people to buy. In most cases, the less you add to your website, the better it is for your audience.

Another benefit of a simple design is that it provides your audience with fewer options. When it comes to directing people to your products for purchase, less is more. Consider how you can simplify your menu options and product pages to keep your site free of clutter, too many options, and distractions.


The design is a dynamic landscape. Understanding patterns, user behaviour, and current trends can give you an advantage in increasing sales.

Our design advice is aimed at anyone who wants to improve the user experience of their eCommerce site.

So don’t waste another second and get to work! We’d love to hear how these suggestions helped you create a better design for your eCommerce store. If you require the services of an expert designer, Solution Nexxt is the place to go.

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