Types of Sewing Machines Explained and Analyzed

Posted July 10, 2014 by sorewoods

There was a time when the word sewing conjured images of Red Riding Hood’s grandmother placidly sitting at her table and meticulously
placidly sitting at her table and meticulously working on a piece of cloth. This activity has come a long way since then and the primary reason underlying its evolution is the introduction of various types of sewing machines to suit every preference and requirement. Such a wide array could truly overwhelm a potential buyer and a gist of features, pros and cons of each one at this point sounds like a blessing. Budget is also an important criterion wherein basic machines are the lowest priced and embroidery machines occupy the top rung of the ladder.
If you are a novice at this activity and are taking beginner’s lessons then you must opt for the simplest of the sewing machines which are easy to operate and are meant only to provide basic services. While these require manual operation, electronic, computerized and touch-screen versions are also available with customization being possible in all units of this range. Owing to their ease of operation these can be handled by grown-up children too and in terms of price they are more affordable than embroidery machines. In addition to repairing and mending jobs these can help in craft assignments and home decoration too.
After you have acquired a certain level of expertise, investing in higher priced sewing machines is justified since by this time you will have acquired the capability of maneuvering the machine as you like. Irrespective of whether they are electronic or computerized, these machines come with several hi-tech in-built features and hence are suitable for seamstresses who wish to take up sewing as a profession and establish it as a business. Although they do feature embroidery and decorative options in their menu, they are much more comprehensive than embroidery machines which for the user translates into thorough training prior to usage.
Then there are sewing machines which are specialized to perform a particular function and cannot be used for any other. For example, embroidery machines are meant to turn out embroidered designs only and hence are ideal for craftsmen who treat embroidery as their primary business. These machines cannot be used for sewing and to cater to this the user would be required to invest in a basic or mid-range sewing machine. Unless these machines are meant only for making designs, they need to be used in conjunction with its simpler and humble counterpart.
For home-use, the best option is that of one which offers a combination of sewing and embroidery functions. In such sewing machines, features of both sewing and embroidery are rolled into one and the outcome is a versatile unit that can churn out designs while performing basic jobs too. Initially priced as high as specialized embroidery machines, these are now available in lower price ranges too and are ideally suited to a homemaker who needs to strike a balance between creativity and mundane jobs. Therefore, not only will such a machine enable you to look after your family but whet your creative appetite too.

Sewing machines http://www.becclessewing.co.uk are of various types and are usually named after the function that they meant to perform. A highly specialized branch within this niche is that of embroidery machines http://www.becclessewing.co.uk whose only purpose is to help in creating designs on the fabric of choice.
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