Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in India

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Specialityvalve is a reputed Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in India.
Specialityvalve is a well-known Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve manufacturer in India. Its role is to control and regulate the flow of a medium through an actuator by compressing air. The use of pneumatic actuators reduces personnel because their operation is automated.

What is a Pneumatic Actuator, and how does it work?
A pneumatic actuator is a machine that turns compressed air energy into mechanical motion. A piston, cylinder, and valves or ports make up the system. Depending on the type of pneumatic actuator employed, energy can be converted into linear or rotating mechanical motions (rotary or linear). Angle seat control valves benefit from pneumatic linear actuators, which are designed for high temperatures and steam applications. Quarter-turn valves are a good fit for rotary actuators.

Industries where Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valves are used:
• Textile Industry
• Power and Energy
• Chemical Industry
• Water and waste water treatment plant industry
• Metallurgy
• Medical

Advantages of Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve:

• It's simple and quick to open and close.
• For the medium to flow, the disc can be totally opened or completely closed.
• It's mostly employed in water-based applications.

Available Materials: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel (SS316, SS304, CF8), Carbon Steel, Duplex Steel (F51, F53, 5A, 6A)
Class: 150-300
Nominal Pressure: PN10 – PN40
Size: 2”- 72”
Ends: Flanged, Lug, Wafer.
Operations: Pneumatic Actuated

Lug Butterfly Valve
Specialityvalve is the best Lug Butterfly Valve manufacturer in India. Butterfly valves are being used to stop, start, and regulate the flow of a medium and have eight lugs connected towards the body of the valve. There's also a gear box in which the hand wheel is linked to the stem in huge butterfly valves. The rod is connected to a disc, which permits liquid to pass through the valve.

Wafer Butterfly Valve
Specialityvalve is a reputed Wafer Butterfly valve Manufacturer in India. The valve's body features four holes that line up with the pipeline. It's made to hold two flanges together. It's designed to work with either pneumatic or electric actuators. In frameworks for unidirectional flow, it aims to maintain a seal against bi-directional constraint differential.

Double Flanged Butterfly Valve
Specialityvalve is a reputed Double Flanged Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in India. Flanged on both sides Butterfly valves are quarter-turn rotating valves that are used to restrict, control, or initiate flow. Butterfly valves are especially well suited to the treatment of large volumes of fluids or gases at low pressures, as well as the treatment of slurries or fluids containing large amounts of suspended particles. Butterfly valves are based on a line damper's guideline. The stream control component is a circle with a diameter that is roughly equal to the width of the bordering pipe and pivots on a vertical or flat hub. The valve is fully opened at the point where the circle corresponds to the funneling run. The valve is closed when the circle travels towards the opposite position. Handle-locking devices can be used to set up middle-of-the-road positions for choking purposes.

Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve
Specialityvalve is best Electric actuated butterfly valve manufacturer in India. A mechanical device used to move or control a mechanism or system is known as an actuator. An actuator, as part of an actuated butterfly valve, is a mechanical device that converts energy, usually created by air, electricity, or liquid, into motion.
A butterfly valve actuator controls the flow of gas or liquid through a pipe by turning a disc on a diametrical axis or by two semi-circular plates hinged on a common spindle, which allows flow in only one direction. These compact actuated butterfly valves have a rotary stem movement of 90 degrees or less. Butterfly valves, unlike ball valves, do not have any pockets where fluids can become trapped when the valve is closed.

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve
Specialityvalve is leading Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in India. The triple eccentric or offset butterfly valves are used to keep the metal seat and metal disc from scratching and galling. Because of its design, the seal only comes into contact with the seat when it is fully closed. This Valve is mostly used in oil and petroleum, chemical facilities, and shipbuilding etc. They are also used to prevent extrusion oh dirty or heavy oil.
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