The Advantages of Getting a Colonoscopy

Posted May 16, 2022 by stargastroenterology31

San Antonio, TX-As we get older, it is important that we take care of our health by ensuring some screening tests are conducted at specific ages.
San Antonio, TX-As we get older, it is important that we take care of our health by ensuring some screening tests are conducted at specific ages. Screening is recommended at a younger age for individuals who are more susceptible to some health conditions or type of cancer than those who have not family history of that disease. A colonoscopy is one of the important screenings that you should undergo. If you are 50 years or younger or have a family history of colorectal or colon cancer, then this screening is important to help you maintain optimum health. A colonoscopy can be beneficial in the following ways:

Detecting Colon Cancer or Colorectal Cancer

Most people undergo a colonoscopy to ensure early detection and treatment of colorectal cancer. This is one of the leading causes of cancer related deaths in both men and women. A colonoscopy screening can prevent this type of cancer through early detection and ensuring the removal of any precancerous polyps discovered during the procedure. If there are traces of colon or rectal cancer, the GI specialist near me will recommend further medical examinations such as drawing blood samples or a biopsy. Treatment will start immediately after a proper diagnosis.

Removal of Polyps During Your Colonoscopy Session

Colorrectal cancer usually develops from abnormal tissue growths known as polyps. Polyps may appear like small beads or bumps and form along the colon or rectum lining. If left untreated, polyps tend to grown and evolve becoming cancerous. Although the presence of polyps may not cause symptoms, pain and bleeding may occur if the polyps are big in size. Polyps can easily be detected and removed during a screening colonoscopy preventing the development of colorectal cancer.

Testing Other Health Conditions

Your colon may also be exposed to other diseases and not just colorectal cancer. Some other diseases may affect functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Perforated peptic ulcers and bleeding lesions can occur anywhere on the GI. A colonoscopy screening will scan your colon, rectum and cecum to determine where lesions are present. A colonoscopy will help a GI specialist near me to determine whether symptoms you are experiencing are caused by a colon disease or something else.

A colonoscopy may not be a pleasant experience, but it can save life. In addition, it will reduce the risks of colon cancer significantly and reduce the number of surgeries that are required to remove dangerous polyps. Therefore, whenever you experience rectal bleeding or abdominal pain, you should consult an experienced GI specialist near me.

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