What You Should Know About Perforated Peptic Ulcers

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An ulcer may go through all layers of the gastrointestinal tract and form a perforation or hole. This is known as a perforated ulcer and it allows digestive juices and food to leak out of the digestive tract.
San Antonio, TX, February 17, 2022-A peptic ulcer refers to an open sore in the stomach lining or duodenum or upper part of the small intestines. An ulcer may go through all layers of the gastrointestinal tract and form a perforation or hole. This is known as a perforated ulcer and it allows digestive juices and food to leak out of the digestive tract. A perforated peptic ulcer can be a serious medical issue that requires urgent medical attention.

Causes of Perforated Ulcers

A hole usually forms when peptic ulcers are not treated. To determine the cause of the ulcer, the healthcare provider will give you an examination and review your medical history. He/she will them carryout tests. The major causes of peptic ulcers include the following:

Helicobactorpylori or H.pylori bacteria infection that causes the inflammation of the duodenum. This weakens the mucosa and allows and dilute hydrochloric acid to cause open ulcer or sores in the lining.
Chronic use of over-the-counter pain medications like NSAIDs like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, which make damage of the intestines and stomach more likely by interfering with the production of prostaglandins in the body.
The stomach and intestinal lining and mucosa may also be damaged by smoking, excessive intake of alcohol, and radiation treatment on the stomach or duodenal area resulting in sores or ulcers.
Perforated Ulcers Symptoms

The symptoms associated with perforated peptic ulcer include the following:

Severe but sudden pain in the abdomen, usually the upper part of the stomach.
Pain that spreads to the shoulder and back.
Nausea and vomiting
Feeling full or lack of appetite
Feeling bloated or swollen belly
Diagnosing Peptic Ulcer

A gastro doctor can prescribe acid-blocking medication to help in treating heartburn and determine whether your symptoms will improve or not. You may also undergo an upper endoscopy diagnosis if you are experiencing severe symptoms.

Treating Ulcers

The gastroenterology doctor will advise on lifestyle changes including giving up use of NSAIDs, alcohol, or smoking.

The doctor will also prescribe medications such as

Antibiotics for those who have H. pylori infection
Proton pump inhibitors to lower the stomach acid levels and give the ulcer time to heal.
Upper endoscopy for treating bleeding ulcers
Surgery can also be performed for severely perforated ulcers or if serious bleeding cannot be controlled using an endoscope.
Are you concerned about your ulcer, a loved one’s stomach pain, or need medication for low iron levels? You should consult the best gastroenterologists. A gastro doctor will not only diagnose, but will also treat a wide range of medical disorders that affect the gastrointestinal tract including acid reflux and ulcers. Gastroenterology doctors will provide the right care and treatment based on your individual needs.

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