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At first, no one cared about this disaster. It was just a wildfire, a drought, the extinction of a species, the disappearance of a city, until this disaster is closely related to everyone
Respect for nature with awe

"At first, no one cared about this disaster. It was just a wildfire, a drought, the extinction of a species, the disappearance of a city, until this disaster is closely related to everyone..."

Many sci-fi movies such as "2012", "Interstellar Crossing" and "Wandering Earth" will link nature to the future of mankind. Numerous ecological disasters have proved that our human power is insignificant in the face of nature. Respect for nature, be in awe, and live in harmony with nature is the attitude that humans should have.

The nature has become the common theme of the world, and many brands will launch a series of products based on it, calling on the public to protect it. Sports watch brand Davis Elvin's ROMA DR04 is a watch that pays homage to nature.

Hurricane, a devastating disaster

ROMA DR04 originated from a trip of the brand founder Davis Elvin. Most areas of Italy facing the sea on three sides have a typical Mediterranean climate, with a mild climate and plenty of sunshine. Davis Elvin grew up here, and rarely saw some bad weather until he encountered a hurricane while traveling in North America.

This huge storm released amazing energy and brought extremely terrifying destructive power. Countless trees were blown off their branches and uprooted, the roofs of small buildings were completely destroyed, and the areas near the sea were mostly submerged. Local transmission lines and power generation facilities were destroyed, and the originally shining city became bleak.

The city after the storm was devastated, and he couldn't help but sigh. The power of nature is never something humans can contend with. The abnormal climate will aggravate all kinds of severe weather and natural disasters in the future. After seeing the devastation of hurricanes, Davis Elvin wanted to design a watch with the theme of storms.

Eye of the Storm: ROMA DR04

The eye of the storm is a magnificent and dangerous existence. The smaller the eye, the greater the destructive power. Sunny sky become cloudy, and the wind is fierce, whizzing by with the energy that can sweep everything down, then raging around.

The pallet of ROMA DR04 is designed based on the occurrence and trajectory of the storm. The spiral lines radiate from one point and spread out, engulfing the hour and second dials. In this piece of time and space, it is the lord. No one can escape the wrath of nature.

Davis Elvin adopted green as the hue, which brought hope to this "storm" and formed a sharp contrast. Green is often used in admiration of nature and life, and it implies vitality and hope. He hopes that more young people can recognize and appreciate nature's gift to mankind, and realize that respecting and protecting nature is protecting ourselves. Young people are the hope of mankind and the generation who wants to live with nature in the future.

Man and nature live in harmony

The elements of nature are unlimited which humans can never absorb them all.

Elements from nature, such as the shape of water, the lines of plant, and the patterns on animals, have gained new vitality and beauty in the designer's ideas, which greatly enhance the texture of the objects. These objects always alert the world that humans and the nature are closely related.

The design of Davis Elvin ROMA DR04 combines natural elements with human culture. It not only fits the individual aesthetics of the young generation, but also deeply expresses the implication of the close relationship between human and the nature, leading the new generation to admire life and the nature.

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