Dorothea's into quite a few female characters though according

Posted February 8, 2021 by Sunxuemei

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I've yet to have any bad encounters with RuneQuest fans, but I might not be looking in the perfect places. Helps that the fanbase is tiny and old.Can't remember a single toxic thing in the Dwarf Fortress fandom. . . .Plenty of in-universe horror stories, but nothing in the community. Maybe we're simply too small-scale for now and the second Steam migrant wave arrives, difficulty will start, but I don't wish to think about that. Things should be okay. And when something goes amok, we'll throw the troublemakers into a volcano to appease Armok...

Fandoms on Twitter are only a whole other level, even on Tumblr you will find fairly rotten takes but after a while the fandom will poke fun of it, on Twitter they really just recycle the Identical bullcrap over and over again

Good point. And that's another issue with 3H: it is really weird about that which characters are bi. Catherine and Shamir are fairly clearly a few, however, both are just straight options for the participant. Petra and Dorothea's end is pretty clearly amorous, yet simply Dorothea is really bi so far as the player is concerned. And Claude is not into dudes, making no sense, because if you asked me before I ended the match which personality is bisexual, he would be my first guess.

Dorothea's into quite a few female characters though according to her supports with them, even though most of them don't lead anywhere.In games, like in life, there are sometimes people who just aren't into you, especially, and that's alright.

It is not that Petra can't date the player - everyone who isn't married can be obtained for straight players. Petra can only ONLY date the male Main Character even though she is capable of liking girls.For people who aren't familiar with 3H, this logic would be additional strength stupid bc you wouldn't understand any of these things about the characters once you select your route essentially at the very beginning of the match until you get to know any of the characters. Siding with Edelgard at the very start of the game locks you out of having the ability to love Dimitri and vice versa. So if you're playing blind, do not know what is about to occur, and select one at random... sorry, but ur a homophobe/ableist piece of shit
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