What can REITs CHAIN ​​bring to the development of the Metaverse?

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The term Metaverse consists of Meta and Verse, Meta for transcendence, and verse for universe, which together usually represent the concept of "transcendent universe": an artificial space that runs parallel to the real world.
What can REITs CHAIN ​​bring to the development of the Metaverse?

What is the Metaverse?

In 1992, Neal Stephenson's science fiction novel "Avalanche" mentioned: Just put on headphones and eyepieces, find a terminal, and you can connect to another three-dimensional reality simulated by a computer, and everyone can Have your own avatar in this virtual space parallel to the real world. This virtual space is the "metaverse".

The term Metaverse consists of Meta and Verse, Meta for transcendence, and verse for universe, which together usually represent the concept of "transcendent universe": an artificial space that runs parallel to the real world.

Someone has listed 8 key features for the metaverse: Identity, Economy, Immersive, Anywhere, Low Friction, Variety, Civility (civilization), Friends (friends). If these characteristics can be summed up in one sentence: a person with a "virtual" identity can access this virtual world anytime, anywhere, and this world has a self-evolving cultural content and economic system, and always maintains a safe and stable At the same time, it can also meet the needs of individual social, game, economic life and other needs.

In detail, the metaverse is an immersive space experience where users can experience cultural collisions, social life and entertainment in virtual reality. The core of the metaverse is to carry virtual assets and virtual identities. Metaverse provides users with rich consumption content, a fair creation platform, a reliable economic system and an immersive interactive experience. Different from traditional games, users can experience different content in the metaverse, make different friends, create their own works, and conduct a series of virtual activities.

What can REITs CHAIN ​​bring to the Metaverse?

REITs CHAIN ​​can solve Identity, Economy, security, payment, contract and other issues; VR can solve Immersive, 5G and cloud computing can solve Anywhere, Low Friction (low latency) Problems; open UCG content production and game modes provide a problem-solving idea for Variety (diversity), Civility (civilization) and Friends (friends), which together form a complete metaverse solution.

The value of REITs CHAIN ​​in the metaverse?
1. Payment and settlement system

The basic characteristics of the underlying network based on REITs CHAIN ​​include not easy to tamper, open and transparent, P2P payment, etc. In the Metaverse, the economic system will be the key to realizing large-scale and persistent operation, and blockchain technology will provide the Metaverse with a seamless connection to the network virtual space due to its natural "decentralized value transfer" feature. Payment and settlement system.

2. Smart Contract Deployment

Due to the openness and transparency of the underlying network of REITs CHAIN ​​itself, smart contracts have excellent characteristics such as automation, programmability, openness, transparency, and verifiability, so that trusted interactions on the chain can be performed without the need for a third-party verification platform. If the financial system in the metaverse is built on the blockchain, then the characteristics of smart contracts can be used to decentralize contracts in a programmatic, non-custodial, verifiable, traceable, and trustworthy manner, thereby greatly reducing It can reduce harmful behaviors such as rent-seeking, corruption, and black-box operations that may exist in the financial system, and can be widely used in financial, social, gaming and other fields.

3. NFT non-fungible tokens

NFT can be based on REITs CHAIN ​​underlying network protocol (RRC721, RRC1155 protocol). The biggest feature of NFT is that it is indivisible and unique, so it is very suitable for marking exclusive and indivisible rights and assets, and can realize assets Confirmation of rights, free transaction and transfer of assets.

REITs CHAIN ​​global asset digital ecological public chain, high-throughput, decentralized, open source, with smart contracts, and a public chain with rich DeFi+NFT+DAO+Web3.0+ metaverse new ecology and physical assets on the chain. Committed to promoting the digitization and digital industrialization of economic industries and providing leading underlying technology network support.


1. Adopt POW+DPOS hybrid consensus mechanism and multi-deflation economic model public chain;
2. A public chain that takes asset digitization as its vision and mission and enables real-world assets to be on-chain;
3. Obtain a legal license to practice the public chain of STO merger;
4. The world's first public chain for legal and compliant mining of property insurance on mining machines, the ecologically owned stable currency RUSD will obtain multi-country licenses (Thailand, Switzerland, etc.);
5. Strong compatibility, scalability and super interoperability;
5. Comprehensive and independent integration of innovative public chains: TPS exceeding 3000, GAS fee ultra-low, full-node wallets, browsers, physical mining machines and a rich ecological public chain of DeFi+NFT+Metaverse+asset digitalization.
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