Surgical Treatment Of Fallopian Tube Blockage

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The article mainly includes some views on the harm of tubal blockage to female and some views on surgical treatment of tubal blockage.
The fallopian tube is very important, there are many female unable to conceivebecause due to the fallopian tube blockage .Problems with the fallopian tubes are a leading cause of infertility in women accounting for 25% to 35% of female infertility. So what are the symptoms of tubal occlusion?
A fallopian tube occlusion does not normally have any symptoms, although some women may experience abdominal discomfort or an abnormal vaginal discharge. Women suffering from reproductive disorders such as endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease may be at a greater risk of developing a fallopian tube obstruction. Other potential causes of a fallopian tube obstruction include various sexually transmitted diseases, a ruptured appendix, or a previous history of ectopic pregnancy.
Most cases of fallopian tube blockage remain undetected as there are no major symptoms; it is only when a doctor advises certain tests to know the reason for infertility that a woman may come to know about her tubal blockage. Blocked tubes are usually diagnosed by specialized tests such as hysterosalpingogram (an X-ray Test). In this test a dye in introduced through the cervix. It passes through the uterus, fallopian tube and ovaries into the pelvic cavity. The dye is visualized through the X-ray. If the dye does not reach the ovaries it means there is an occlusion in the fallopian tube.
Surgical therapy is more likely to be selected by patients. Experts say that surgical therapy is popular with women because it can quickly open the blocked fallopian tube. So, what are the surgical treatments for tubal blockage?
Surgical treatment methods vary according to the severity of patient blockage. Tubal hydrotubation can be chosen if only slight blockage and adhesion exist in the tubes. It is necessary to consider a laparoscopy if very severe occlusion and adhesion of fallopian tube were found. Laparoscopy is an advanced surgery so far which can well diagnose the shape of uterine cavity and the opening of fallopian tube can be seen clearly. This helps the physician perform the proper procedure to open the blockage and separate the adhesions.
Furthermore, oral Chinese medicine is suggested after the surgery. Chinese herbal medicine have the effects of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and clearing away heat and toxic substances. These all help to eliminate inflammation after the surgery and help patients recover soon.
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