Evaluate The Costs and Effectiveness of Frozen Embryo Transfer Treatment

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The embryos are frozen and implanted again when the body has recovered from the pressure of IVF and has resumed a more regular cycle.
FET stands for frozen embryo transfer, which is the procedure by which a frozen embryo from an earlier IVF treatment. Its security and reproductive success rates are helping it gain popularity. In this treatment, a woman goes through the regular IVF process, but the embryos are stored for use in a later frozen embryo transfer treatment cycle rather than being transferred into the uterus during the current cycle. To aid the woman in recovering from her most recent IVF cycle and lessen the impact of desynchronization, the eggs are transplanted in a later round.

How IVF's Frozen Embryo Transfer Process Works
One method for preventing desynchronization is FET. Your hormones can return to normal before embryo transfer during a later cycle, increasing your probability of becoming pregnant. Embryos are generated and frozen rather than implanted while the system is still healing after IVF.

The embryos are frozen and implanted again when the body has recovered from the pressure of IVF and has resumed a more regular cycle.

Families who want to decide on their child's gender also employ this process. To guarantee a fair balance of the sexes, or for another reason, they might desire to do this.

The embryos are produced, examined through biopsy, tested, and then frozen throughout the initial cycle. Once the biopsy reports are available as well as the female partner has healed from her egg retrieval, frozen embryo transfer treatment cycle appointment is set for a later time.

How Successful is a FET During IVF?
In recent years, methods of freezing, such the verification procedure, have evolved dramatically to approximate normal conception and lead to higher rates of pregnancy and live births, lower rates of miscarriages, and healthier newborns. Few viable embryos were produced by older slow freezing techniques, but frozen embryo transfer treatment cycle improved verification technique significantly lowers loss rates.

Average frozen embryo transfer cost
If any or both partners have major genetic health issues that could be passed on to their children, reproductive professionals will frequently propose using embryo donors. In these situations, doctors take embryos from viable individuals who have no significant medical history. Donor embryos for IVF might cost anywhere between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 55,000.

Nowadays, a lot of couples opt to freeze their embryos after IVF so that they can subsequently be implanted into the woman's uterus. Without factoring in the expense of surrogacy, the price of frozen embryo transfer cost in this country might range from Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000.
These days, a lot of career-driven women choose to store their embryos for future usage. The initial cost of the operation as well as yearly fees assessed to maintain the frozen eggs are included in the cost of preserving embryos. Egg extraction can cost up to Rs 30,000 initially, and maintaining them costs between Rs 4,000 and Rs 6,000 annually.

In addition, frozen embryo transfer cost in India are competitive with those in the world's other countries. Above everything, there are several strategies to control the expense of IVF in India.

Due to its widespread availability and high success rate, frozen embryo process in IVF is presently the most popular assisted reproduction technology. In addition, if you choose the proper hospital, it is among the least complicated techniques. Your IVF procedure can be made simple and provide you the blessing of parenting with the help of the right infrastructure, equipment, and staff.

Remember that even while the cost of Fertility treatments differs from city to city in India, you should not ever pick a new fertility clinic based solely on price. Always seek out a fertility doctor with a solid reputation and a high percentage of success on frozen embryo transfer treatment cycle.
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