Reinventing the World of Resale, Swap Boutique Offers 50–70% Commission on Couture Handbags and Shoes to its Consigners

Posted June 23, 2022 by swapboutique

This New Orleans store is making couture trendy again by helping real fashion enthusiasts collect a return on investment.
New Orleans, LA–23-Jun,2022: In the world of fashion, couture has long been synonymous with high-priced. Designer labels and high-end brands have been traditionally restricted to only the upper echelons of society. At the time of its introduction in 19th century Paris, this was largely due to the limited availability of the materials used to create apparel. Also limited was the number of designers who could design one kind of clothing and assemble the resources to create them.
However, in the twenty-first century, where information flows freely, and synthetic fabrics are almost indistinguishable from natural fibers, couture typically flaunts. The desire to wear the most luxurious couture has morphed into a desire to wear what's trending. With the constantly evolving trends, this is only possible for the average person using fast fashion.
Exactly what it sounds like, fast fashion items move rapidly from the catwalk to stores, to closets, and just as quickly are discarded for the next trend. Of course, this is largely because price points are significantly lower, materials are artificial, and the clothes do not last decades no matter how well maintained they are. The rate at which these clothes are bought and trashed has a sizeable impact on the environment.
Couture, on the other hand, is priced much higher and tends to be made only of the choicest materials. A properly stored pair of red bottoms will retain its value for years, and their owner will likely get over a decade of use out of them. Handmade with tons of attention to detail, these shoes are an excellent example of why mass-produced fashion will never replace couture.
Only true fashion aficionados are willing to go out of their way to seek out higher-end clothing because they know it's not just a label. It's a guarantee of quality and value.
Swap Boutique, a consignment online shop, is on a mission to make luxury clothing accessible for this reason. The popularity of fast fashion has generated the expectation that a wardrobe should boast quantity with little care for quality. A handmade coat of cashmere, lined with the purest silk, has the potential to be passed down through generations, but the fast-paced world is no longer aligned with that sort of lifestyle.
By allowing collectors to bring in their handpicked luxury items for resale, this consignment store makes sure that every party gets their money's worth.
The process allows consigners can book an appointment at one of their New Orleans or Louisiana locations. Here their items will be checked for authenticity and damage. If they're in good condition, meaning no missing buttons, scratches, stains, or tears, they are taken in by the store for resale.
A representative for Swap Boutique stated, "There's not a person on earth that can say that a polyester jacket is in any way better than a finely-stitched cashmere piece. It's a common misconception that high-end designer garb is supremely delicate and needs constant upkeep and care. Your items will indeed do better when cared for, but they will outlast a mass-produced item in almost any condition. Designers are not unaware of the price points of their commodities, and pieces are made with care so that they may always show their worth.
We understand that owning designer clothing is out of the question for the average person, and making it a part of the wardrobe is much more so. We believe that the global perspective of fashion and the need to have a constantly changing and growing wardrobe has created an ecosystem in which it feels like true opulence doesn't have a place. Swap boutique is changing that with every pair of shoes and every bag it sells."
Items tend to be priced at around half of market value, and the original owner receives a percentage of the revenue generated, sometimes upward of fifty. Currently, a handbag promotion grants consigners up to seventy percent commission on their items.
A major deterrent of designer boutiques is the question of how much use one will get out of their purchase. Naturally, even those aware of the durability and functionality of designer clothing feel the need to hide away their extravagant cocktail dresses in garment bags in the back of a closet. As a result, with only one or two wears, they're likely to have the items in pristine condition years later.
Thanks to Swap Boutique, their purchase will not go to waste as they stand the chance of getting a large sum of their money back.
This highly efficient and purposeful business model emphasizes the point that the function of fashion was never meant to be exclusion. Perhaps a century ago, artfully made clothing was expensive due to the lack of resources, but today the world is no longer held to these limitations.
The value of designer clothes never came from the fact that it was expensive and resulted from unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Recycling them doesn't take away from that. So why should anyone store their clothing away for the generations to come. This luxury consignment online store makes sure that apparel is recognized for its functionality and effectiveness in combating the fast-fashion takeover of the clothing industry.
Fashion is and always has been an art form, and as an art form, its limited access and appeal to the affluent has been nothing but circumstance. Swap Boutique has taken advantage of modern-day retail opportunities to give the fashion world back the expressionism that true fashion experts look for.

About the Company

Swap Boutique is a store where one can buy designer clothes online or in-person in New Orleans at Baton Rouge, Magazine St., and Uptown, NO. They receive couture consignments that are meticulously checked for damage. If they are determined to be in good condition, they are cleaned up and resold at half of the market value, with a hefty chunk of revenue going toward the consigner.
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