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Without any doubt, our eyes play a crucial role in our life, having the capacity of working as the most sophisticated electronic camera
Without any doubt, our eyes play a crucial role in our life, having the capacity of working as the most sophisticated electronic camera. Some of the most common eye diseases are: color blindness, myopia, glaucoma, cataract, squinted eyes and blindness. Fortunately nowadays, as medicine as improved considerably, people can have access to plenty of treatment and surgeries, including Glaucoma Surgery and cataracts treatment, among others.
Glaucoma is an eye disease which affects the optic nerve, building up augmented pressure into the eye. As a consequence, the connectivity between the brain and the optic nerve is damaged and can result in permanent vision loss. When it comes to the existing types of glaucoma, you should know there are two main types: the angle-closure and the open-angle glaucoma.
The most common one is the open-angle glaucoma, which is harder to detect. In this case, the person does not experience any vision problems. However, they experience gradual loss of vision and if it remains untreated, the person could lose his/her sight. When referring to the second one, the angle-closure glaucoma includes the following symptoms: sever eye pain, nausea, immediate vision loss and red eyes. Statistics concluded that 10% of people are affected by this eye disease every year.
Luckily for us, there are available plenty of medical options to treat this disease, including: pills, eye drops, traditional surgery, laser surgery or a combinations of these methods, depending on the degree of this condition.
It is worth mentioning the fact that for people diagnosed in the early stage of glaucoma, the micro Glaucoma Surgery, the laser surgery, along with eye drops work effectively. Without any effective treatment, the patient can suffer even complete vision loss.
Another common eye disease is represented by the cataracts, a disease that affects the people aged above forty. This eye disease is characterized by a clouding of your eye’s lens and as a consequence, the clarity of the images that you see can decrease.
The most common symptoms that characterize the cataracts are: frequent contact lens prescription changes or eyeglass, clouded and blurry vision, oversensitive to light and glare, double vision and last but not least, the colors can appear faded or pale.
Among the existent types of cataracts treatment available, the cataract surgery is considered to be the most efficient one. There are plenty of advantages that might determine you to opt for this kind of treatment: it is a very fast procedure, the results happen quickly, it doesn’t require general anesthesia, it doesn’t imply any complication and last but not least, this process has become really sophisticated and hi-tech.
Your eyes are extremely important, playing a crucial role in your life. If you ever get affected by glaucoma, you shouldn’t hesitate in finding a glaucoma specialist as soon as possible. With the right Glaucoma Surgery (https://www.quigleyeye.com/doctor-priest-allen.php) specialist, you’ll get immediate satisfying results. When it comes to cataracts treatment (https://www.quigleyeye.com/doctor-quigley.php), things are pretty much the same. Don’t forget to visit the website and make an appointment as soon as possible.
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