Floating Pontoon Dock Factory Introduces The Scope Of Use Of Floats

Posted November 4, 2021 by taizhouglejin

Floating Pontoon Dock Factory introduces the scope of application of pontoons:
Floating Pontoon Dock Factory introduces the scope of application of pontoons:

1. The buoy bridge, the shape design of the buoy is generally a cube with different colors. Some manufacturers will also design other shapes according to the design plan of the specific construction project. The surface of the buoy is designed with anti-skid patterns on the ground. Relative to the earring connector, the load per square meter can reach 350kg. Due to its excellent impact resistance, characteristics, and reasonable price, the pontoon has gradually risen in countries all over the world. The key is to use tough polymer materials such as high-pressure polyethylene (HDPE), which has excellent weather resistance and impact resistance. It can block ultraviolet rays, prevent cold, and resist corrosion of sea chemical raw materials and oil stains. The key is environmental protection, which can be recycled.

2. The pontoon platform, due to the characteristics of the pontoon itself, is widely used in marine entertainment and leisure, marine outdoor activities, port engineering projects, marine outdoor activities, marine performances, and other new projects. Mainly manifested as ship ports, bridges, marine service platforms, marine swimming pools, fish cages in cages, marine competition service platforms, and motorboat ports. Whether it is a quiet, mirror-like water surface, or a magnificent river and sea level, the pontoon can give full play to its functions.

3. Offshore natatorium It is understood that the development trend of photovoltaic projects in my country in recent years and buoys have also been used for the basic construction of solar power generation on the river surface. This kind of new distributed photovoltaic projects that are basically constructed above the river surface is much more expensive than those of Eastern and Western companies. Concerned, as the main support point service platform of the solar power station on the river, the characteristics of the pontoons are also matched. Then some friends will wonder whether such raw materials will be complicated at the operation level? Actually, it is not. The pontoon has commonly used connection parts when it is built. It can be installed according to the order. The method of fixing is generally to drop anchors in the water or fix the foundation piles. When the water level changes from left to right, it will serve. The platform can fluctuate at will with the ups and downs of the water level, without manual adjustment and no drift.

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