China Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Introduces The Maintenance Process Of Electric Bicycles

Posted May 26, 2021 by taizhousuqier

Although electric vehicles are not eye-catching, they obviously occupy a large part of our lives in congested and noisy urban life.
Although electric vehicles are not eye-catching, they obviously occupy a large part of our lives in congested and noisy urban life. Do electric vehicles also need maintenance? It should be replaced like a mobile phone after two years of riding, but for those who are interested. It is said that electric cars can be cared for like private cars. Next, China Electric Vehicle Manufacturers will introduce the maintenance skills of electric bikes:

The three core components of electric vehicles: battery, controller, and motor. When the electric vehicle is made into a finished product, we try not to modify it privately, such as installing a battery pack, and the current and voltage of the controller and the motor are not working within their normal range, which will affect their life.

When charging, you should first connect the output end to the electric vehicle and then plug the plug into the power supply to charge. The reverse is also true, when charging is complete, first, unplug the power supply and then unplug the output connector.

The charging time for the battery is generally 8-10 hours. The charging is based on the additional 2 hours after the green light of the electric car charger is on. The first time the electric car is charged, after the power is exhausted, it can be charged for two more hours on the basis of full charge.

It is best not to increase the "throttle" when the electric vehicle starts. One is because the instantaneous current is too large and it may cause accidents, and the other is because the excessive power consumption also damages the battery. Do not wait until the last bit of electricity is exhausted to recharge the electric vehicle. , The standard of measurement is 30% of the total power. Don’t drive the electric car forcibly when the battery is dead, which will damage the battery.

For the braking method of electric vehicles, the braking sequence should be one after the other and the front brake. No matter how urgent the situation is, don’t slam the brakes. Slightly hold the brakes slightly, especially when the disc brakes are installed. After all, electric vehicles are two-wheeled, emergency brakes. It will cause the electric vehicle to sway irregularly and easily cause a safety accident. There is also tire grinding that will greatly reduce the life of the tire.

Do not ride an electric bike too fast when the road conditions are bad. It is a trivial matter to destroy the car, and it is easy to pierce nails under such road conditions. When the speed is slow, the probability tends to be much smaller.

Through the above introduction,Sport High Power E-Bike Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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