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TASC or is the top agency providing HR solutions to companies and job seekers in the GCC. It offers some superlative HR services such as GRO services that connect your business with the local government.
May27th, 2022, Riyadh: TASC or is a leading provider of recruitment, payroll processing, and other important HR services to businesses and job seekers in the GCC region. It streamlines interactions between businesses and the local government, like the Saudi Arabia government, through its GRO services.

TASC is the creation of a visionary leader and current CEO of the agency, namely Mahesh Shahdadpuri. He had a penchant for creating a people-focused business offering something new and unique, and thus, TASC was born.

TASC has revolutionized the HR sector in the GCC. Under the guidance of Mahesh, TASC has been able to accomplish a stupendous annual average growth rate of 150%. Therefore, he has earned the reputation of a thought leader in the industry.

Under him, this HR agency has won several accolades like Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum Business Award and Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, as well as commendations by media houses like Forbes and Bloomberg.

The foundation of the agency is its six core values like agility, innovation, respect, collaboration, reliability, and quality. These six core values define the nature of the agency and how they operate.

Reliability is assured by the offering of services that are ISO certified. For quality concerns, the agency follows the Kaizen philosophy of continual improvement.

The agency displays respect by employing personnel from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. As for collaboration, they strive to accomplish win-win solutions for job candidates and client businesses.

In the case of agility, they aim for the quickest time for onboarding and optimal responsiveness. For the sake of innovation, they implement cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

TASC provides excellent services for job seekers, employers, and associates. Potential candidates for jobs can visit this website and gain access to the best jobs in the market.

TASC will supercharge the process of searching for the best jobs. It aims to make a positive impact on the lives of candidates, enabling them to thrive professionally, personally, and intellectually.

Associates of TASC are at the heart of the company. It serves as a platform upon which they can build their success.

As for employers who are seeking the best employees, TASC offers them access to a talented pool of global talent. The TASC clients are not just awarded access to exceptional talent from its rich database of candidates. The TASC team also endeavours to make the business more competitive, life easier, and success highly sustainable.

TASC is led by a vision to create a global, innovative, and inspiring company that offers high-quality HR solutions that are top-notch to clients. It is the right destination whether a business is seeking top talent to boost its productivity or a talented candidate is trying to access more challenging job assignments. The agency is the right platform to connect the best businesses with exceptional job seekers.

The TASC team delivers effective and innovative hiring solutions for businesses of all kinds and sizes. It has grown fast to become the top most HR services company in the GCC. It works for some of the newest and best companies in this region. The top-notch services that it delivers put it ahead of the competition.

TASC also helps candidates and companies stay ahead of their competition. The agency delivers a wide range of HR solutions like GRO services, PEO services, permanent recruitment, contract staffing, payroll servicing, HR outsourcing, and HR consultancy.

Such services offered by TASC help boost the efficiency of business while reducing costs. Thus, their team takes care of all the details of HR, freeing the managers of the business to focus on other core activities.

Outsourcing HR functions to TASC proves to be immensely useful for a business. The agency makes available services to employees as per seasonal demands faced by companies. The company's expertise helps in the smooth and easy hiring of top global talent.

TASC can be depended on to provide access to a database of local as well as global talent to meet both permanent as well as seasonal needs of a business. It provides freedom and flexibility to boost your efforts of recruitment without limitations of designations and quotas.

GRO service is a critical solution delivered by TASC as an intermediary between businesses and the government of Saudi Arabia. The best GRO services of the company deal with compliance and regulatory requirements of businesses, freeing them from HR concerns and enabling them to focus on other core activities of the business.

The role of GRO is to handle all operative procedures for the official submission of legal documents such as employee paperwork, company licensing, and the processing of visas. The GRO team of TASC oversees the complete processing of application preparation, document collection, translation, attestation, visits to government departments, and preparation of accounts with government websites.

The GRO experts of TASC have deep knowledge of Saudi visa and licensing needs as well as local labour laws. This will help smoothen your interactions with the government, saving time, money, and effort, such as 60% cost of regular GRO services.

GRO experts at TASC are qualified as per Saudi laws to be proficient in Arabic and English, hold a valid KSA driving licence, and are knowledgeable of local Saudi laws. When you hire GRO services from TASC, you can avoid errors and delays in official processes and stay tuned to changes in local laws.

TASC provides three kinds of GRO services. For starters, it handles consultancy and representation. It will keep clients updated on changes in rules and laws so that they stay compliant. It will appoint an accounts manager who will guide you through necessary processes and procedures and serve as your representative in dealing with departments of the government.
Secondly, TASC offers Iqama (work permits) and visa services, handling all kinds of visas such as tourist or resident visas. Thirdly, TASC arranges a smooth setup of businesses for clients. This service will help you if you are planning to open a new business in Saudi Arabia or expand an already existing business.

About the company: TASC or is the leading HR solutions company serving the GCC. It is powered by a 200-strong team of employees located across the Gulf and India. It has back-end offices in Riyadh and Bangalore. It was founded by its CEO, Mahesh Shahdadpuri.
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