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There is a saying that “the more I know about people, the more I am falling in love with my dog”. Yes, whichever breed of dog you adopt
There is a saying that “the more I know about people, the more I am falling in love with my dog”. Yes, whichever breed of dog you adopt, you will never find yourself complaining after the investment. If you are not that fond of small dog breeds, you can adopt a Border Collie Surrey which is well known for its intelligence and obedience. The dog breeders Surrey have enough knowledge about genetic science relating to the canine species. They take care of dog breeding by carefully selecting the best of the lot and ensure that the mating produces excellent puppies.

There are many dog breeders Surrey who would promise you pure breed of Border Collies Surrey. However, you might be deceived unless you do a proper study of the breeders and the traits of the Border Collies in particular. Thankfully there are many web portals which would give you enough idea before you plan to adopt a dog. There are breeders who are there for more than a decade and have produced dogs which are of exceptional quality and are well disciplined. Border Collie dogs are basically working dogs and of the herding dog breed that used to be reared near the England border with Scotland. They are known for their intelligence as said before, along with other qualities like smartness, agility, activeness and acrobatics (yes, you read it right). They are known to be highly interested in games which involve a lot of physical work.

Dog breeders Surrey are located mostly in the picturesque villages of Boxhill and adjoining areas where the dogs get handsome chances to roam around and play. Thus when you come to buy one, you will get healthy and happy Border Collies Surrey. Sometimes they might not be having litters of these dogs ready when you come to buy, but they will inform you once the puppies are ready. The breeders also have photo galleries for you to check how playful the dogs are. You can choose a puppy from their existing lot, for each one of them is a darling waiting for you to take it home.

Sometimes dog breeders Surrey also rear miniature horses in case you are fond of them. Like dogs, even these can be trained to perform a few tricks and can be an interesting companion to your children. Usually Border Collie Surrey is of medium size and their weight ranges between30-45 pounds for males and females weigh a little less. Their temperament is mild but they require regular physical exercise and something to stimulate their minds. They need space to run and are not touted as apartment dogs, meaning you cannot just make them sit idle at home.

There are dog breeders Surrey who get their dogs DNA tested, hip scored and eye tested so that when you buy a Border Collies Surrey, you know everything about their health and their maintenance. The breeders are also a part of Assured Breeder Scheme which makes them ideally certified. They would not only provide you with a healthy dog for adoption but also give you a session where they would be laying down guidelines on how to keep your dog happy and disciplined. Since these types of dogs really need space and lot of physical activity, lack of these can sometimes induce neurotic behaviours in them.

Get the purest breed of dogs from the best dog breeders Surrey . They will provide you will all necessary guidance when you plan to adopt Border Collies Surrey .
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